Season 2023 - Collington

I remember that draft and having a dig at my Klan mate " Who would pick a bloke with a name like Sidebottom?" But fair do’s, any player reaching 300 games must be able to play a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:

so many people forget how good a player was when they have LTIs

Interesting stuff going down at Pie land :sweat_smile:

Lol, I know it is sacrilegious to like players of other teams (particularly the Pies) but I don’t mind Darcy Moore.

In an industry of “one week at a time” type operators, he is a pretty different cat.

That and he is a gun.


Well he is a bit different, thats for sure.

He controls the defence for Pies accross half back, Probably how I would like Ridley to play, intercepting everything.

Leppa would be a decent Tigers coach. Can’t see much success, more like a Vossy appointment at Carlton.

There are players people have said are impossible not to like over the years that I’ve never agreed with. Usually flashy small forward types or Buddy/Pendlebury. Darcy Moore has not one thing I could dislike about him, even after an ANZAC Day loss.

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What were your thoughts on Lenny Hayes when he was playing? He seemed to be one who everyone loved.


Robert Harvey and Paul Kelly were a couple of players I genuinely admired from other teams.


Good shout. Similar personality of consistently playing fairly, well, and not causing a stir.

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Before I knew of his off field stuff and only just thought of what I saw of him on the footy field I absolutely LOVED watching Daniel Kerr. Loved the way he played. Really enjoyed how he had that blend of toughness beyond his size coupled with the want to almost arrogantly take the game on and have plenty of bounces.

Little top 5 plays exemplifies it pretty well. Well not really the tough, contested stuff but the rest of it.


Yeah fark, Paul Kelly. What a player. Fearless.


Wirrpanda was the WC guy for me.
Amazing player, amazing circumstances, genuinely gave back to the community.


Yeah right. I didn’t know much about his community stuff and what his back story was other than that I knew he was from around the Dandenongs sort of area. He was a nice player.

My friend in high school played TAC against him, said he was the best player he’d ever seen was rapt he kept him to 1-2 goals as he’d kicked 20+ in his last game.

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Who would have thought that a player that kicks 10 goals in the under 18’s GF would become a great player?


I’ve said before Darcy Moore is the dream comparison for Zack Reid, tall, rangy, great mark and great kick. If everything goes right for Zack, Darcy Moore is the end result.

Collingwood lovers - get out


Matthew Knights was at that game.

Good shout on wirra. Gun

The one player i always admired and respected from WCE was beau waters. He’s the toughest footballer ive seen i reckon, and he had the skill to back it up


His footy ability masked what an absolute ■■■■ stain a person he is. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ah Rog.

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