Season 2023 - Collington

Yeah definitely. Doesn’t really have many (if any)* redeeming features as a human being from what we have to go off. Pretty grim stuff.

Heck of a player though.

*I can’t say “Not many, if any” without thinking of that song by Scribe and delivering it in a kiwi voice :sweat_smile:

Was my favourite non-Essendon player when he played.

Almost cost Collingwood the flag with his performance in the first GF of 2010.

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He was the only Worst Coast player to do anything after Hall ko’d Staker. Other than Hunter who flopped on the ground like a dead fish.

They are not Collingwood lovers, they are admirers of individual players, which is a very different thing. For the record l loved the way Daniel Kerr played football, underrated due to the others in the midfield.

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Yes, I know. Was just a dig. I’d take Moore at EFC in a heartbeat.

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How many weeks will De Goey get?
head high contact bump after player disposed of the ball.

Gotta be at least 3, probably 4


Will get a fine

It will be straight to the tribunal which normally means 2 weeks minimum but could be more. Or, if they hire the Bloos defender, then he could get off and Hewett will be suspended for getting in his way.


Watched most of the game today.

How far has Ginnivan fallen…he couldn’t do a thing right.

Just about every time he got near the ball, he either butchered it or didn’t get it at all.

Nope. He is gawn, at least 3 weeks.

It’s almost like relying on playing for free kicks to get a large portion of your goals would wear thin eventually.


Any truth to the rumour that l am starting that De Goooey is off to New York and Bali thanks to the 3 week holiday he has just received from the tribunal? Remember, you heard it here first.


S hite stirring CJ?

Not moi! Never.

Am I alone in not buying into the hype? Really playing well but also giving me St Kilda streak vibes…

There is more substance in their Pie, than ever existed at the Saints. Of more importance is the effect of De Goooey’s suspension. Has he just derailed their season? It is difficult to maintain momentum throughout a whole season, and then go again when the pressure is ramped up more during finals. Their next game will tell us much about the fortunes of both teams. The Dees will fancy their chances have improved due to the tribunal result, but they have been far from convincing this season. While the return of Oliver aids their cause, the Pies still deserve to go into the game as favourites.

If they want to win. They need to do it soon. The focus is in their young players but there is still a lot of reliance on their senior players

2023 average age per team

27.4 years – Geelong
26.9 – Collingwood
26.7 – Richmond
26.6 – Western Bulldogs
26.2 – Brisbane
25.9 – Melbourne
25.6 – Port Adelaide
25.5 – Carlton
25.4 – North Melbourne
25.3 – West Coast
25.2 – Sydney
25.2 – St Kilda
25.2 – Greater Western Sydney
25.2 – Essendon
25.1 – Gold Coast
24.7 – Fremantle
24.7 – Adelaide
24.4 – Hawthorn

2023 average games played per team

131 games – Geelong
117 – Richmond
116 – Collingwood
115 – Brisbane
113 – Melbourne
109 – Western Bulldogs
100 – Sydney
98 – North Melbourne
95 – Port Adelaide
89 – West Coast
87 – St Kilda
86 – Carlton
85 – Greater Western Sydney
83 – Gold Coast
82 – Essendon
79 – Adelaide
77 – Fremantle
69 – Hawthorn


That West Coast average will climb very quickly as they get their injured players back.

Not supporting him so don’t get me wrong.
But de Goey gets 3 weeks and Cripps got a Brownlow. Consistent?

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