Season 2023 - Fark Carlton

13 players from other clubs in that Best 22

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Pretty much this in a nutshell. McGovern is not a reliable KPD and Lewis Young is still a bit unproven. Weitering is a stat and the rest are all good or at least solid citizens in the cause of stopping goals, and Saad and Docherty offer plenty of drive off half back.

The forward line has a couple of bona fide stars, a couple of solid contributors and a plodder. They will fancy their chances of kicking winning scores most weeks. Their midfield is deep and has plenty of quality, with only Pittonet being a perceived weakness, if he flourishes it is probably because Cripps, Walsh and co. are making him look good. They have young De Koning hovering in the wings, ready to step up and take over should Pittonet struggle. Ideally they would like De Koning to continue to develop his forward craft this year, and not have to ruck too much.

They should consider anything less than a top 6 finish a failure, considering the quality on their list. Their smalls are not as strong as their stalls, so lack of pace and nous will find them out at times. The coach is yet to earn his stripes, but is already better than in his first ride on the merry-go-round.

They’ve built a fantastic spine, and are now simply filling in the gaps. The question is whether they have any depth behind that group?


They are pretty dogsh*t from player 13 down, let’s be honest.

What they do have is unequivocal top end quality in the most important positions on the ground, except for the ruck position currently.
Though, De Koning may develop here (lets hope he leaves).

They cannot afford a long term injury to Curnow, Cripps or Weitering.
That would be a death sentence to any slim Premiership hopes.
Walsh could probably join that group also !



They’re so pathetic its not worth the emotion to hate them. They’re Gold Coast with bells and whistles. I can’t hate a dying animal, which Carlton are. I am reserving my hatred for Collingwood and Richmond until Carlton can prove worthy of being a football club, which they can’t. I have let go. I am free of them.

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Hitler was at one point a dying animal

Even Hitler wasn’t as bad as Carlton.

Uh oh, we got another Hitler-lover here.


Unconfirmed reports that Zac Williams did his ACL at training today.

Nothing against the bloke personally, but Fark Carlton.


Rotten luck.

But Fark Carlton

From where?

Zero chance any emerging star like De Konig transfers from Carlton to Essendon. Zero.

They will offload half their list Collingwood-style to avoid that scenario.

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Now confirmed that WIlliams has done his ACL and will miss the season.

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Never want to see it. Terrible outcome for him.


He is a star???

Fark Carlton

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I agree. I never like to see any player cop a serious knee injury.

Nothing against the player but

Fark Carlton

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6 year deal at 800k a year. Ouch. Fark Carlton.

My word, his agent is a stud!!