Season 2023 - Hawthorn

No, well after.

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No, a long time afterwards.
Iā€™d say he is getting the tap on the shoulder for how the report was handled.


I mentioned in the draft thread start of last year he looked like Bailey Dale playing half back for Metro.

Very big on him and looks comfortable pushing up a wing, good drafting by the hawks.

Bailey McDonald showed some good traits state GF last year and in the VFL this year, he is damn lightning

One game against WCE they win by a massive amount. Mitchell is lauded as a fantastic coach, Then Hawks get slaughtered by a good team, its all the fault of Sicily not being there. Well is Mitchell a great coach or is Sicily a great player? LOL

I dont know where it started, who is talking him up, but coaches are judged by win loss ratio over a period of years. It is way too early to speculate whether he is any good as a coach.