Season 2024 - Collingwood

Collingwood had +34 hit outs but had -4 clearances. Man I’m looking forward to Anzac Day.

I will be tipping them next week. And I haven’t tipped them once so far. Brisbane is a nightmare.

Melbourne Experiences First Day Of Full Sunshine Since 1999 After Collingwood’s 3rd Straight Loss

The capital of the nation’s mid north south is today preparing to swelter through its hottest day on record.

Normally a city blanketed by spontaneous bouts of ■■■■ drizzly rain every couple of hour, Melbourne is set for its first day of full, unblemished sunshine in over 25 years.

The cause for the rare, incredible, atmospheric weather event is believed to be the Collingwood Football Club slumping to its third straight loss.

Falling to the Victorian Football equivalent of your aunty’s 13-year-old pet Labrador, the Pies lost to the St Kilda Saints by 15 points last night.

That loss has sent pundits and commentators into a frenzy, with discussions taking place across all formats about how to fix ‘the club in crisis.’

While Collingwood losing a few games in a row isn’t exactly cause for a disruption to Melbourne’s cooked weather system, the fact that they have gone 0-3 after winning a premiership last year is.

The Pies haven’t started a season 0-3 since 1999, and now face a similarly stuttering Brisbane Lions up at the Gabbatoir, with the prospect of going 0-4.

Experts predict a start like that for Melbourne’s most despised team could cause the cities beaches to have waves and the Yarra River to run clear.

More to come.


Their much vaunted defence is leaking goals badly. Even captain Moore is not immune from doing so, and may be one of the worst offenders when it comes to turning over the ball, now by hand as well as foot. He has cost them goals at crucial moments with his wayward disposal. The Swans have shown the blueprint on how to beat the Pies and they are in for a torrid season.

Pendelbury may have played on a year too long, but you would do it again for the chance of going back to back.

I think losing Adams and not really replacing him, has hurt their drive from the middle and contested footy.
Also not sure why mitchell was out of favour early in the season?

mitchell should start on ball and DeGropey forward then come in for a burst.

McRae deserves credit for getting the players to buy into his gameplan so thoroughly, but that gameplan hasn’t been anything revolutionary. It’s based on high pressure and fast ball movement, which is effectively the blueprint for the modern game. The reason the ball movement element has worked so well for the Pies is that he’s had the great fortune of having two generational playmakers, Pendlebury and Nick Daicos, in his team at the same time. They had just 20 kicks between them on Thursday night, and lost the game. It’s no coincidence. They are massively reliant on these two players, oppositions know that and they’ll be putting a lot of work into negating them.


He has been managing an ankle injury.

Also, I thought he was terrible on Thursday night…looked very rusty and unsure (imo).

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But why doesn’t the opposite happen? Going from being ■■■■ for 20 years, you’d expect EFC are due for a dead cat bounce

Yeah it is a weird one. You would expect even Essendon would have one really good year where we make and a win a final or two inside 20 years. The odds of being this crap for that long would be pretty high.

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The 16 premiership curse is real

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Lol. They showed Pendles running around at training after some guys knee sent him off to hospital. They said Pendles was training with a “no contact” instruction.

Never previously needed that instruction because no one had ever touched him on a footy field in 18 seasons.

Maybe he has forgotten that basketball background ?

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Bummer. Very good, honest, defender.
Always sucks when careers end like this.


The runway has been cleared for Grant’s man, BIG BAD JOSH EYRE to step up and fill the void in a few week’s time.


Probably a better thread to make thie point but i don’t think we are far off mandatory helmets

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helmets don’t stop inertia


The AFL chief medical officer has said that’d only be considered if supported by evidence. Which it currently is not.

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