Season 2024 - Fark Carlton

Jesus wash your mouth out with soap… and hydrochloric acid


Umm… Don’t we all?

what, you reckon noonan is better looking?

Bottom four for mine. Fark them.


IMO there are only 3 teams that can win the flag this year, and the Blues are one of them. Got elite players on every line. Not super active in the trade/FA market but did add some pieces to their list. Elijah Hollands has talent and is the ultimate buy low stock in terms of him being a high draft pick. Fantasia is one who if he gets fit can add some class to their small forwards. It’s basically injuries and dealing with expectation now. Their supporters and the football public will be expecting them to be up there again.

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Even with a broken Weitering?

I think he is more valuable not from a playing perspective but an importance being on the park for their success


Westering giving all his money to a Nigerian prince will never not be funny


What happened to weitering?

Calf. He won’t miss many games, if any.

I hate to say it, but I think they’ll win it. 1st-3rd.

Weitering is a gun AA defender and will lead them well down there, and more so now that McGovern has become a reliable 2nd key defender for them. He’s not match winning, but he’s reliable. Newman had a career best year catching fire, and alongside Saad and Docherty they have fantastic rebounding defenders. Final spots competing are Kemp whom came on a bit last year and Cincotta. Zac Williams might finally get a go of it too.

In the midfield, Walsh could win a Brownlow this year, infact he’s my pick to do it. Cerra was close to AA form, whilst Cripps is clearly a gun on his day. That’s a pretty strong 3 punch. Hewett and Kennedy are hard-nosed depth behind those three plus they love to rotate Docherty in there. I always thought their wings were a weakness in previous years, but Acres was well recruited and filled a hole there, whilst Hollands should keep improving. Elijah Hollands is also a bargain for them to add to their midfield mix.

Curnow and McKay are formidable keys. Few rate Motlop on Blitz but it’s dangerous to do so, he looks pretty classy and will be very dangerous. He had a good finals series. Martin started to repay the faith in them too in the second half of the year. Throw in Fogarty and Cunningam whom both were unheradled but both had great tackle counts and held the usual unreliable final spots in the team together.

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I’m thinking about requesting a renaming of this thread to “Lid On” or “Unpopular Opinion” thread.