Secret shame


Well not on Heffsgirl’s kids anyway.


There were so many potential dangers in replying to BSD’s post


Heard Popcorn on someone’s ringtone.
Thought, Popcorn. By Hot Butter.
And for the first time ever went…


Forty+ years is better than never.


Even I remember that one.


Celine Dion


And I always get a little teary at the end of “Field of Dreams”


I teared up at the end of home alone 2 when I watched it with the kids last week.


Jerry Maguire is the one that gets me, … not so much the You complete me bit, but the bit before that about the player coming good/Manager that stuck with him.

Every, Damn, Time.


Toy Story, TS2 and 3. You ain’t human if don’t cry.


The pigeon lady is a real tear jerker.


As someone generally considered as a grumpy old bloke, I admit I teared up reading a book. In LAX of all places.

This was in response to the profoundly sad ending to a glorious series of highlights.

It was the biography of John Coleman.


I started making a Downfall video, but then they went and picked Francis.


Gawd, l almost spat coffee all over my lap top. Wowweeee!!!


I told MrHeff I needed an hour to study and he needed to occupy the kids.

I’m not studying, i’m spending an hour browsing Blitz.


Your secret shame is finding attractive women attractive?



utterly perplexed the way he gones on about the spanish films…


Muy guapas, las mujeres españolas.


That’s more like it.


The secret shame is that he is old enough to be their grandfather :sunglasses: