Secret shame


Great, great Grandfather … :smirk:


One of my very best mates is a fark carlton supporter.


And I should be ashamed for finding a 30+ year old attractive.

Her brother is playing the cop killer in the Rachel Griffiths series Dead Lucky.


I want Melb to crash and burn so badly, it’s almost FC levels.


I hate this software


I want Melbourne to win.

I’d love Jake and The Pig to have a bit of success.


I would also like Jake and Hibbo to have success… but not before we do.

Go Cats


Yep, my thoughts too


Epic choke coming from the dees tonight - can see it from a mile away.


Be nice for them to do it for dean and Neale too


As long as they don’t win a flag I’m all for it.


There may be something wrong with me (ya reckon?) but that saying turns my stomach.


When I lived in Scotland I was in a very stressful relationship. It was 1997. I went to the movies with her mother one night to watch titanic.
It hit the credits and every last thread of girlfriend woes poured out.
Completely destroyed the Australian image for the entire theatre.
Her mum had to help me out.


You went to see Titanic with Celine Dion’s mother???


It was pretty ordinary when she kept singing over herself


Your Honour, I was drunk at the time, had a HSP with heaps of garlic sauce after watching the footy, I sat through Take Me Out and actually enjoyed it. Sure the host has done a lot of stand-up but that doesn’t make it right, I’m pleading guilty to this one.


I find the movie “Pitch Perfect” very entertaining. The sequels not so much.


I enjoy watching, ‘Friends’. There it’s done.


I wasn’t concentrating when I heard on the car radio that ‘they’ wanted to put pregnancy warnings on alcohol bottles.
I thought they meant the warning was that drinking might contribute to you getting pregnant.


It’s interesting watching now and how age has changed my perspective of the characters.

In that they are all absolute raging dckheads.

No wonder my parents hated it.