Serie A/La Liga/Bundesliga/Other Euro Leagues


Anyone watching “Juventus” the documentary series on Netflix? AWESOME!


optus is ruining my enjoyment of something i streamed anyway.


Yes, just finished it. Really enjoyed it although I’m biased since I’m a Juve supporter


Not one to normally take an interest in Scottish football, a bit of a joke league really given that it’s basically 2 teams who consistently win it and with Rangers going into administration in 2012 it’s been all Celtic since, but very much will watch the Old Firm tonight to see how Stevie G’s Rangers side shapes up against Brendan Rodgers and Celtic.


I’m not a Juve fan but still thought it was great.


La Liga? Really only a two horse race with some nuisance value teams like Atletico and 10-20 years back Valenica. I think only one non Real or Barca side has won it in the last 20 years or so.


Atletico won it a couple of seasons ago and Valencia won a couple. I recall Deportivo being good in the early 2000’s and reckon they might have pinched one aswell


Celtic may aswell have been playing queens park tonight. Completely outplayed.

Rangers would be ecstatic with the score atm.


Hoops up 1-0


Can’t believe the ref fell for that dive

SPL is so rubbish. I don’t think they are that much better than the A league to be honest now.


A lot of the top leagues only have 1-2 teams winning it with the odd 3rd team chipping in for one title every 15 years. Juve have won the last 5, think Bayern the same as well.

Rather boring following them tbh

                 1st         2nd               3rd

|1998–99 |Barcelona |Real Madrid |Mallorca
|1999–2000 |Deportivo La Coruña |Barcelona |Valencia
|2000–01 |Real Madrid |Deportivo La Coruña |Mallorca
|2001–02 |Valencia |Deportivo La Coruña |Real Madrid
|2002–03 |Real Madrid |Real Sociedad |Deportivo La Coruña
|2003–04 |Valencia‡ |Barcelona |Deportivo La Coruña
|2004–05 |Barcelona |Real Madrid |Villarreal
|2005–06 |Barcelona† |Real Madrid |Valencia
|2006–07 |Real Madrid |Barcelona |Sevilla
|2007–08 |Real Madrid |Villarreal |Barcelona
|2008–09 |Barcelona* |Real Madrid |Sevilla
|2009–10 |Barcelona |Real Madrid |Valencia
|2010–11 |Barcelona† |Real Madrid |Valencia
|2011–12 |Real Madrid |Barcelona |Valencia |
|2012–13 |Barcelona |Real Madrid |Atlético Madrid
|2013–14 |Atlético Madrid |Barcelona |Real Madrid
|2014–15 |Barcelona* |Real Madrid |Atlético Madrid
|2015–16 |Barcelonadagger |Real Madrid |Atlético Madrid
|2016–17 |Real Madrid† |Barcelona |Atlético Madrid
|2017–18 |Barcelonadagger |Atlético Madrid |Real Madrid
We were both slightly wrong. I was more wrong than you. A couple of years ago was infact 2013/14. I thought Barca-Real’s stranglehold was much stronger than it has been.


7 thank you very much :yum:


It’s a ■■■■ league. Celtic have won the past 9 titles. No team other than Celtic or Rangers has won the SPL title since Aberdeen in the 80s when they were managed by Alex Ferguson. The only reason I even bothered to watch was to see how Gerrard was getting on in his management career, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered.


Further proof of just how poor serie A and Italian football is in general


Serie A is still pretty good to watch. Yes Juve are winning everything currently but they don’t blow sides away and several times in the last few years there has been 2-3 sides still in the chase heading into the last month.


Not Europe, but what the hell. Zlatan’s 500th career goal for LA Galaxy.


Is Ronaldo done?


Juve off to a 7-0 start to the season.


And haven’t even got out of second gear yet. This year could smash all types of records