Skiing in Victoria


Speaking of which, the moguls run at Happo One did me right in a few years ago. Lost count of how many times I went A over T. Took about 5 seconds in to realise I had over reached in a big way.


It was planned sex months ago. Also I have a conference in Queenstown afterwards so no choice lol.


price is right…


I disagree
Great conditions in Oz = Fantastic conditions in Kiwi land esp South Island

Treble Cone is a great mountain when the weather is clear, a bit exposed on shittier days - might want to go to Cardrona on those days or have a rest day.

But skiing in NZ generally beats Oz hands down IMO. Fresh snow stays drier & powdery longer, in Oz it’s great when fresh, freezes overnight & then you have your typical icy conditions after a couple days of no fresh snow


Most of that is correct… Except for the fact that conditions in Aus are near enough to once in 20 years right now… But hey, by all means spend the money and fly over to NZ, just means less people in the Buller chutes…


Well you would ski Hotham if you were fair dinkum…



You see I like Hotham, it’s largely my mountain of choice. But I also know full well that when it’s on there’s not a better mountain in Australia than Mt Buller. As the above photo clearly illustrates. Sadly for Buller, it’s not on that often, except this year, when it’s more on than basically an stage in the last 15 years.


Not enough steep runs for my liking. And this comes from someone who has a family house in Mansfield & has skiied for over 50 years.


Buller has the terrain, it just rarely has the snow. I love Hotham and it’s infinitely more reliable snow conditions make it my go to option most of the time. But right now Buller is the only resort you want to be skiing in Australia and New Zealand.



That’s some planning in advance or you’ve picked up a kiwi accent allready?


Haha I was wondering if someone would notice that lol


I’d give the snow a go if it wasn’t so darn expensive.
For now I’ll stick with sitting in the car hoping the surf picks up or it stops raining so I can sweet the water off the local skate park.



Absolute 100% white out here at treble cone today. Got lost a few times on the way down coz I couldn’t find the next flag.


I’m a big fan of Hotham too, but it’s largely dependent on whether Gotcha/Keoghs/The Orchard and Blue Ribbon are turning. These are of paramount importance, to take some load off Heavenly Valley. If they aren’t running, Heavenly turns into an overcrowded, snotty gluepot of a mess where you spend more time waiting for/on the lift than actually skiing. It’s high time they invested in infrastructure and replaced that lift with either a high-speed quad or a six-seater.

For length of runs and snow quality, I actually like Thredbo best as far as Oz mountains go. Just a shame you have to fart around with so many T-bars to get around…


Check out the humble-bragging from Wonder Boy.

Rub it in, Robin. Rub it in.


Heading back up to Falls on Thursday night. Forecast for the weekend; Thursday - snow, Friday - snow, Saturday - snow, Sunday - sunny.

Going to get some new goggles later today.


can you make sure it’s nice and clear by next week? thanks.


Thursday is looking good. The last two days were great. Early spring skiing conditions. Main st does get pretty slushy at the end of the day though. South ridge is the go. Good hard fast snow there.


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