Skiing in Victoria


There’s gonna be some rain. Best prepare yourself for that.
Maybe 20mm of rain followed by up to 10-20cm snow above ~1600m.


What about it?


It’s the duck’s bits.


Merlin were all geared up to put in a brand new lift at Hotham at the end of 2012, sights at Pea Gully and Golden Point were being considered with Pea Gully heavily favoured. Then 2013 happened and there was no snow by mid August so they canned the whole thing and it’ll basically never get another look in. To be honest I’m astounded they fronted the cash to update Eagle chair at Falls last summer.
Sadly though, new lifted terrain is little more than a pipe dream these days.


All that vert… all that pitch…


Which of Hotham’s 2 runs is your favourite? :wink:


Any of the ones that are steeper than anything at any of the Perisher conglomerate… which is pretty much all of them.
Perisher is closer to the main range though, I’ll give it that.


Yeah, I’d heard something similar. A great shame!

If nothing else, they really need to find a way to do something about that aqueduct on the return trail from Keoghs/Orchard/etc. It’s the sole reason that whole area has such a restricted season compared to Heavenly. Unless that’s properly snowed in, those lifts don’t turn. How many times do you go to Hotham look across and see beautifully covered trails, yet the area isn’t running?


Pretty sure the steepest bit of in-resort slope anywhere in Aus is at Perisher.

Hotham’s got the 3-4 tough runs but not much else. Perisher has 2-3 tough runs and 50x of everything else. If you’re only there to scare yourself, Hotham comes into it, if you’re after anything else, Perisher. Plus they’ve actually got money behind them and new lifts & areas planned.


This is where skins are your friend… :wink:


50x nothing is still nothing.


Hahahahahaha, $99, 18 resorts.

Looks like I need to start planning a North American snow adventure.


I based out of Breckenridge a few years back and skied a few on that list. Buses go to many others on the Epic, such as Keystone and Vail. Awesome trip and if you can do the lift passes for $99 you’d be crazy not to.

Do it.



Spent a week skiing at Vail a few years ago (with a day at Beaver Creek thrown in for good measure).

Vail is a fantastic ski-field!! It’s just a ■■■■■ to get to. Either you fly into Denver and take a 3 hour bus-ride (and take the risk that the overpass may be shut and you can’t get through… which happens regularly), or you fly into LAX then have a 7 hour layover waiting for the one flight that goes direct to Vail. We took the latter option… man, LAX is hell on earth - boring as batshit with absolutely bugger-all to do.



Only a day at Beaver Creek?


…yep, it’s a ladies’ only mountain*

*may not be true

One thing which I found a bit curious about Vail was that it was very much a skiing purist’s kind of place. The breakdown of skiiers-to-boarders would’ve been roughly 75%/25%, if not 80%/20%. Boarders were almost a 2nd-class citizen. And God bless them for that… (I don’t hate all boarders, just the f-wit ones…)


I’ve been to vail twice. It’s awesome and totally agree about it being pure skiiers. I hate boarders so vail is a dream for me. Breck is worth a trip but not on weekends.

Whistler mighty fine as well


Spend a night in denver. We always line it up to see a nuggets or avalanches game


we want to take the little one (20 months) to check out the snow. i know it’s late, but i see there’s still snow here and there. would buller be a waste of time to just have a muck around? seems to have the best conditions out of anywhere and is close enough i guess…

ps. spent a long weekend over in queenstown last week for a boys trip. twas ■■■■■■■ awesome!


Baw Baw would be the closest to Melbourne if all you want is to experience snow. Buller had a decent base a couple of weeks back, so if you want to ski and stay on the groomers Buller should still be skiable.