Skiing in Victoria


No mention of a cheese platter or quince paste so can’t be Melbourne


lol. Lots of Dees in our lodge last week…


Just got the Gopro replaced at JB. Heading back up tomorrow night to have Sunday on the hill at Falls. They’ve been having snow showers the past few days and Sunday is forecast to be sunny with low winds. Hopefully get some good footage (which I will post just for Diggers).


Been a year, but thought this thread needed a bump.

Just spent the weekend up at Falls. Heaps of snow (2m base!), and even had to put the chains on the Sorrento going up for both days. Yesterday was insane, had to put the chains on before the bridge just after Bogong village (about 15km from Falls village)! Going back up for another three days in a fortnight. With the amount of base they have I reckon they will extend the season into October at this rate. Plus Melbourne are in the finals, so crowds will be smaller (for one week at least).

Snowed pretty much the whole time we were up there, with the wind picking up pretty stiffly in the afternoons. Visibility was crappy in the morning, but cleared up as the wind picked up. My cheap-■■■■ Aldi goggles finally conked out, with the some of the foam lining splitting and frankly, low-vis capability just not effective at all. I’ve been putting off shelling out for some high-quality goggles, but I think the time has come. My helmet is pretty old as well, so I think I’ll go for a helmet/google combo from the same brand to make sure the fit flush without gaps around the forehead.


More snow than I’ve ever seen in Aus this season. 2m base looks like 3m.

Buller Summit looks like king tide at the moment. Chutes made to look easy there’s so much snow around.

Best season since '04. Maybe little sprinkling of rain next weekend but hints of another dump towards the end of the month so plenty of skiing left.


Read an article the other day that was titled “The Best Snow Conditions Since Forever”. Not sure if entirely accurate but it’s very welcome none the less.


I saw a pic of Buller Summit southside this morning the likes of which I can’t remember ever seeing so whilst the title adds some mayo, it is genuinely the best season in 15 years. And there’s potential storms queued up for weeks yet.

Bom are saying we’re going into a El Nino, which whilst ■■■■ for the farmers has actually helped the snow season because to late August we haven’t had a single significant rain event.


The heading should read “Best Snow Conditions Since Forever and 'boarders Should Fark Off Somewhere Else”.


Surely the 2nd part is implied?


It is, but we’re dealing with individuals that need it spelled out for them.


You still salty that a snowboarder won the downhill skiing at the last Winter Olympics?


I spent a week at falls just over a week ago. Insane amount of snow. Snowing every day except for the last day. Terrific skiing.


For clarity, she is a skiier who 'boards a bit.


Spend much time sitting down?

Of course not, you were skiing.


Have you ever actually had a go at snowboarding? I’m curious as to the origins for this level of hate.


High levels of dignity prevent me from wanting to spend 3/4 of my slope time in a seated position.


With the exception of chairlifts?


Of course. Preferably high-speed and heated.


Good to know you wont be out there when the snow is at it’s best.


So your issue is the bindings? I don’t sit down to do my bindings up, I bend over and it takes 20-30 seconds. As choppsuey raised, the only times I sit is on chairlifts.

Or is it that you don’t want to fall over and land on your backside? I would suggest that if you aren’t falling over occasionally, you’re not actually pushing yourself. And the liklihood of ending up in an undignified position after a tumble is much higher if you’re on skis. Snowboarders fall backwards or forwards (occasionally an uber-rad cartwheel is achieved), but skiers end up with legs and knees going in different dicrections whilst sliding face-first down the hill.

Now, stop being such a big, frumpy teddy bear and come and give me a hug.