Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 3, August 2022)

Not such thing as club memberships in US sports.

Americans find it weird that the AFL do this haha

To me, a $50 digital member is as important as a player sponsor or coterie. I’ve always held that view. It’s the commitment and contribution, big or small that counts. A sense of belonging too.


I was last a member in 2000. I haven’t missed much since.

except supporting your club


Meh, that’s overrated. They just waste your money anyhow.


Spend your money how you want, everyone has different reasons for being a member or not. @Finding_Nino if you become a member when we start being successful whenever that is, so be it and good luck to you, I am looking forward to that day. I tip in partly because I’m ■■■■■■■ stupid but also its something that my daughter and I can do together. Go to the footy and be miserable… LOL


Then one day…,“Dad, this is Billy, he wants me to get on the Collingwood bandwagon with him”

Hahaaha… Unfortunately, or fortunately not sure which. She is rusted on, drags me to games so Billy can go and get ■■■■■■… LOL


Who cares if he does. Its his money

Why spend your money on something that doesn’t make you happy or give you satisfaction?


vice count?

im now seeing how long my consecutive year streak continues without actually paying for the membership.

keep trying to direct debit a closed account nerds.

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yes the do, they just don’t call them memberships, season tickets same same

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Yea fair enough, to each his own… We all support in some form… forums, at the game. All good.

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trying to think what’s worse, you googling to find that article, or you already having it bookmarked

Pls I’m a millennial I don’t book mark things

External review you say?

NBA has season ticket holders.

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Didnt know that

so, with the release of afl’s silly round 0 fixture confirming it, anyone want to discuss our official demotion from “big 4” status?

we were demoted from a Big 4 club the moment we stepped into Marvel