Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Tanner is the AFL’s chosen guy to replace Little. That’s how badly we caved in the end.


Well currently we look like we haven’t done one pre-season in the last five. Even.


How fkn pathetic can Fitzy get.

“Yeah we acted like utter ■■■■■ but it’s ok as we ‘think’ they were doping”

Must be seriously worried about the JT case


Fark them all.
Our club died the day they decided to do a deal with the AFL.


That is bullshite.


Id like to see Hird back at the club as chairman one day.


I fear for Fitzpatrick- he’d be first to go should someone ever decide.


Sums up the present condition of the club. We are soft from the very top down. We are like a dog with it tail between it legs bending over and bearing everything. Went to water on the away strip without a whimper.
Effectively, we are now like the tin-rattler clubs living on scraps handed out by the AFL. We do everything we are told without any dissent whatsoever.
The hiring of Worsfold fits into this soft category. someone who does not any any way make waves and goes along with the AFL/EFC line.
When Sheedy took over as coach he immediately saw that the club culture was soft from the very top down and he set about changing this. Within three years we become one of the toughest and feared club in the competition.
If we are ever to be successful again we must find a way of changing the board and get member who are prepared to take on the AFL and to instill some iron in the veins of the club.


I don’t want to like the above post, but after the extraordinary statement from our chairman, this feeling from the club that our coaches need watching, especially Essendon old boys but not just them, that the head coach needs a Craig or a Neeld to…whatever the hell that is…
It’s like the club actually buys into ‘it was all Hird’s fault and now we have to do this!’
Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it only really, really looks like that.

Maybe I’m just depressed because I haven’t been able to find an AFL official to thank for supporting the club over the last two years, like I was told to.


Robert Shaw on twitter - “A coaching box must be measured/calm. Must be collaborative and continual sharing of ideas. Respect fellow coaches’ input. Yes, there are protocols for communication. Respect each assistant’s skill set and judgement. Yes there is pressure, but should be a great work

Below is attached to Shaw’s tweet but not sure who author is.


I’m dumfounded that this whole thing happened because “some opposition player reckons we got massive over summer”.

I’m even more dumfounded that Fitzpatrick quotes this and puts this forward as evidence.


That’s absolutely right Mike and you ought to know about all that happened. You were involved in it up to your eyebrows. And; if you guys at AFL House at the Commission had have done what you are supposed to do, none of this would have happened. Perhaps the reason you didn’t check on Essendon’s governance, was that you were actually waiting for Deano and Dank to screw up first before you jumped. You knew that they would because they already had.

Remember this, it was the AFL that o.k.'d Dean Robinson and Stephen Dank to work at Essendon.
In spite of the fact that they had completely fckd up at the Gold Coast Suns with Boak and others. Of course everything was neatly covered up and swept under the carpet.

You don’t need to be a Rhodes scholar to work this one out, Mikey.


Many of us already knew that after the fact, didn’t we bigallan? David was the plant but he was not green.


What is going on in the AFL right now, that Mikey needed to come out with this? This is just another firm kick in the guts and a little reminder to sit and stay.


Spot on. And the rabble we have today is evidence of that. So many at the club lack or lacked principles. Whatever was easiest.

I would have preferred the club fold in some ways. You die on your feet, not live on your knees.


I can understand Tanner not wanting to go along with Kennett and Eddie power plays ( including their expressions of support for Gill) but am at a loss to understand why he should want to come out with such support for the AFL and to dump on supporters.


Fitzpatrick has made a fool of himself. The AFL thought the supplements used at Essendon “were almost certainly performance enhancing”.
And why?
Well, you see, an opposition player told him they were much bigger, and of course, he thinks"that kind of sums it up". (“Yes your Worship, that is my closing summary, I think you would agree there can be no doubt”).
Pressed further as to why they believed what they did, Mike confides that “there was circumstantial evidence as to what it was”. What he really means, of course, is there was no real evidence (despite sifting through every text and email of every staff member and player at the club), and so “circumstantial evidence” is all they had. You know, just a hunch, but a hunch supported by secret information from an opposition player.

And just by the by, “performance enhancing” is not illegal. Sports science departments exist to be performance enhancing. Recovery techniques, weights programs, running and fitness programs, diets, ice baths etc etc, are all performance enhancing. Good old Mike doesn’t seem to understand the difference between performance enhancing and illegal.


I would think that would be obvious. I have always thought he is Paul Little Mark 2. In other words one of the “boys club.”


The rotten stench of the AFL keeps polluting our clean air.


Disparagement agreement only apply to EFC and not the AFL ?