Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Yeah, I find it hard to believe that MF - at this stage - would just shoot off like this without thinking it through. I like to think and hope he could trip himself up, but he hasn’t got to where he is through naivety. What’s happened to big Andy BTW?




Used to run a vocation training company that preyed on the weak and gullible.


Doing something with the NBL.


Bring him in.


And pies. Lots and lots of pies. Cakes too.


WADA strongly disagreeing with an analytical approach…oh dear

Young [representing WADA]: “The second reason that WADA has appealed this case is because it strongly disagrees with the analytical approach that was taken by the [AFL AD] tribunal which, if it’s allowed to stand as precedent, doom most use cases brought under the World Code”


Surely Open Mike needs a follow up tell all with one of the key players from Essendon. Would love it to be Hirdy. But Doc Reid or one of the players would suffice.


Like the approach of the CAS arbitrators in the two Russian cases, including the approach to evidence?


Just thinking out loud as a supporter base what grounds could we have for a class action for be pain and suffering given all the blatant Bullshit that had been thrown around over the last 5 years. My only concern is the club would need to be joined given the rubbish on field performances.


Mike is an AFL stooge, albeit semi retired.


So today there’s an article about Gumby (one of the 34). Interesting timing.

Again, why now? Why is all this stuff suddenly news again.

I hate this, not just because it is re-opening the wounds but because it always gets my hopes up that something may be happening with it in our favor. Of course at no point does it ever happen and then I’m angry and down in the dumps again with no payoff and again wondering why the media are bringing it up.


They usually buy their way out of trouble. Wait for the right judge to try the case or pay hush money contrary to what Gilligan McLaughlan says.


where is the gumby article?


Good idea. Make an appointment with Slater and Gordon.


Herald Scum.


Get rid of Tanner for f##k sake and the whole board. Some supporter group should get together and remove these weak arseholes. It makes my f##king blood boil in seeing how this club has become so weak. Get someone in their with some balls. This Fitzpatrick piece of crap human being, I wont say anymore about my feelings as it may disturb some on Blitz.


I have no idea who told him that, but I know deep down in my guts it was ■■■■■■■ Chris Judd. I mean what other opposition player would be in position and have the balls to candidly give him an opinion like that.

■■■■■■■ chris judd


Chris “we don’t ask what’s in the blue powder” Judd is his name, thank you very much.


Lloydy was fairly prickly with Judd the other night.