Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


It wasn’t just Dank …Robinson was in it up to his eyeballs but he has immunity !


Question for Chip: why will Dank still not talk?


I have only two questions for Chip.

  1. Does he think that the Baker/McKenzie story,given it was the story that essentially put TB-4 in the spotlight, changed to fit the desired AFL narrative?

  2. Does he personally think they took banned substance?


It was likely never purchased via registered supplier which is why there is no paper trail or that registered supplier (Alavi) was getting it from non registered sources in off the books activities which if uncovered would mean the end of his license.

And why Charters came running in to create the misdirection for ASADA given the strong connections (business associations) both he and Dank have with those of the wide open road. Ones own life more valuable than exposing truth.

Charters house trashed very early in saga. Danks house shot at late in saga. Message is clear.

It also helped Charters gain leverage in his own issues with illegal importation with ASADA /ACC.

All just assume no paper trail = covering up of doping. When it’s far more likely covering up of fraudulent/criminal behavior & why Dank has never spoken.


Why was Robinson never pursued or questioned about his role and responsibilities. He was Danks manager.


This is why I will always cheer for stew no matter how many goals he kicks on us. The Crameri family to me will always be an Essendon family, a fantastically loyal and moral people that should always be welcomed with open arms at our club.

I hope we win this weekend, but if he plays, I hope Stewy has a blinder.


I agree, . except for hoping he plays a blinder, … I hope he can do that any and every other week.

I hope Ambo runs him into the ground and keeps him touchless this week …


One question
Fitzpatrick normally stays away from the media
Why do you think he is now being so vocal so long after the saga, when others are saying we should move on?


It would be nice for a Saga player to be a premiership player. At this stage, you’d think the only possibilities are Crameri and Melk/Hibbo at Melbourne.


Exactly. If there were on TB4, or any type of growth hormone, it would aid repair after injury and recovery after hard training or playing. The fact that we got so many soft tissue injuries, and recurrences, and that we couldn’t beat Collingwood on Anzac Day on a short break, speaks volumes for one thing. Dank wanted to try to replicate the benefits of the illegal drugs with legal ones that he thought might give similar benefits, and they didn’t. If it had been the illegal stuff, it would have worked.


Ryder too.


Gumby has already won one.


its all irrelevant.

cant get the time out of the game back.
finals back.
and unknown substances were consumed.

close the book on it. heresay does noone any favours. I have no idea why fitzpatrick comments on it. there is nothing left to discuss.

legal performance enhancing substances are taken all the time.


Was working … but we stopped.

From a post earlier…

" On 27 August 2012, Bilsborough again emailed Alavi to enquire ‘what had happened to those bombers?? They have fallen so fast being 8-1 to go 3-11 in the second half of the season.’ In response Alavi stated: I think the Bombers are in some financial difficulty so they stopped all the various therapies 3 months back … I stopped supply of my therapies back in April, as he did the hyperbaric provider, as did the lactaway guys in Sydney … Late April smooth muscle injuries sent them on a downward spiral. What they didn’t realise is that if you supplement players to improve performance you must continue to strengthen the body to sustain such superior performance. It’s like putting a V* engine into a mini … eventually the engine infrastructure will crack.’

“Financial difficulty” or someone finally catching onto how much Dank spending and reigning it in?



Very early on in the piece some of those with inside word were suggesting that this would become a case of fraud.


WADA’s position, reworded, is that if they are made to prove a case, with actual evidence, it is too hard. So, they want “strands in a cable” to be enough.
CAS - sure, why not.
In other words, they don’t want anyone to get off because there is no evidence.
What sort of a court/tribunal is that?
(Rhetorical question, no need to answer)


IIRC Alavi billed the club for substances not ordered or delivered ( including some WADA specified substances) . The invoices were returned. This may have been an Alavi try -on or something that Dank ordered for himself and Robinson . Suki R stated that she had been injected with hexalerin, which was at the club at some stage. ASADA did not pursue the players on that substance, seemingly accepting the facts.
This suggests that there was some sort of paper trail on invoices at the club.


I’ve always believed from the beginning that Dank was using the club’s funds and facilities to do his own dirty business and never actually gave anything to the players. The reason why there’s no records and why Dank won’t say a damn word about it is that it would have seriously incriminated himself. He was happy to sit back and watch Essendon take it up the clacker as long as he was safe from prosecution. He’s a weasel and probably could have ended the whole thing early on the process… but he would have ended up in jail.


With regards to Alavi’s ‘mistaken’ billing… I couldn’t find the article up but found post from someone who’d connected some dots

Philip Maguire · @bundarrah 22nd Jul 2014 from TwitLonger Curiouser and curiouser is the case of the missing supplements

Let’s try and collate these disparate pieces of information about the Essendon supplements scandal and see where they lead us.

1/ On August 15 last year Fairfax’s Richard Baker, Nick McKenzie and Caro broke a story about a mystery Mexican drug left behind at Dr Mal Hooper’s South Yarra Chiropractic clinic in 2012. The drug was allegedly left behind by a Melbourne man suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and subsequently injected into several Essendon players. It is possible the Muscular Dystrophy patient was not from Melbourne but was, in fact, a Sydney millionaire?

2/ Fast forward to April 2013. Former Essendon sports scientist Steve Dank met muscular dystrophy sufferer of Sydney, Bill Moss, former head of Macquarie Bank. Moss, who is said to possess great knowledge about his condition and potential treatments wanted Dank’s assistance in obtaining his favoured treatment regimen. If it turns out Moss was Hooper’s patient as well he could reveal what the mystery Mexican substance was.

3/ Fast forward again to today and we find that Moss is currently embroiled in a potential credit card fraud case with another key figure in the Essendon drama, South Yarra Compounding Chemist Nima Alavi. It appears, according to the Herald Sun yesterday that Alavi’s Como Pharmacy billed Moss’s credit card for $12,000 worth of prescriptions that were allegedly never received. Moss was introduced to Alavi by Dank.

4/ Sounding familiar? Well, consider this. On January 10, 2012, Como Compounding Pharmacy billed Essendon $4200 for 14 vials of Hexarelin. The next week, Essendon received a second bill for $9860 for the rest of the Hexarelin and 26 vials of Thymosin. On February 29, Como Compounding Pharmacy credited Essendon for the cost of the Thymosin and Hexarelin. Obviously it was never received by the club.

5/ Is Como Pharmacy in the habit of charging clients for prescriptions never received, or is someone ordering prescriptions allegedly on behalf of individuals and organisations and collecting the goods themselves?

6/ It would be interesting to ask Dr Robin Willecourt, who reportedly wrote out prescriptions for Moss, if those prescriptions were worth anything approaching $12,000.

Stay tuned for further emerging information which may have grave implications for ASADA’s already shaky case against Essendon players.


Or Hamilton