Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Yep. Former and current AFL CEO likely to give evidence in a Supreme Court trial over alleged fraudulent and misleading statements doesn’t warrant a mention.


There was a Pierek article. Posted earlier in thread.

Perhaps got taken down already off their site!


It won’t be players or coaches. How could it possibly get worse for them?

Anyone else… officials that were there then or now… IDGAF.


Dave Evans will be subpaoened to give us a few snippets about his perspective on how the AFL allegedly threatened to de-register EFC without informing the supporters the club had no chance of being successful in 2013 and were kissing their hard earned dollars and expectations goodbye.


“Can’t stop, won’t stop”

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Hope they call Gil to the stand when his favourite polo event is on.


Just found it, you need to click on the AFL page, then it appears.


Would love to see this data broken down into frees for against within 50 mtr of goal, or just by maggot.


They’re still there


That carnt and the fat one will be concoting stories til the early morn


During a conversation between ASADA CEO Andruska and McLachlan on 26 June 2013, the ASADA head noted McLachlan’s comments as follows: “Take points off Essendon.”

I bought tickets to Essendon games after this dialogue in the expectation we were playing without pending encumbrances - why didn’t Gil tell Essendon supporters we would likely be deducted premiership points to make the games I paid good money for to watch, irrelevant and a waste of money.


It’s called a “High Mark membership”


Oh thats good.


Sadly any non Bomber fan I know that I’ve spoken to about this case rolled their eyes.

Might be more of a reflection of the company I keep… ? That being said, if documents get revealed that are explosive and go BANG! people will start reading and clicking again I’m sure.


I honestly dont think people realise what its about. They think its about the saga and they glaze over. Its not. Its really nothing to do with the saga. Its about deceptive conduct. The saga is just what they were dealing with when they allegedly decieved people.

We have a royal commission into the banks at the moment, and much of it is also demonstrating deceptive conduct.
It is IMHO a lot bigger than people think. And if it gets traction and they start telling the truth on the stand it will be front page news. Might not be in Melbourne but will be in the rest of Australia and if it gets big enough the Melbourne press wont be able to ignore it.



And he is a farking clown.


The thing is, unless Dank suddenly emerges out from under his rock I suspect all AFL and EFC documents even vaguely relevant to this case have been buried/burnt/shredded/vapourised/pulped a long, long time ago. And the bulk of the witnesses will suddenly develop a collective case of amnesia.
I’d love to see it happen , but I just don’t see where the BOOM is going to come from.


Nail on the head.


It will come from the evidence already in the public domain. I see this case, and its only my opinion, as something that is going to put all the pieces together in a neat little package and make the protagonists answer questions about it. Then they will hang them with their own words and contradictions.
Or to use a better analogy I believe they will all be “hoisted on their own petards.”


Agreed - Uncle Tom Browne is not only a sycophant (read Toady), but also comes across as a mindless bogan and a brother in arms of that buffoon Alex…