Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Is he actually the brother of Alex Browne? The one that played for us? The one that was tied up in the supplements saga, and suspended?

If that’s the case, I take back my previous comments. I think it’s fair that family members want this saga over and done with, and don’t want it rehashed. I can understand that.

Edit: I don’t agree with it. But I understand it.


As quoted in the Rage Pierik article, Mr Justice Dixon stated:
“The AFL’s business in large part, depends on the way it is viewed by the public…”
“Controlling the clubs and the competition so that the public have faith in the integrity of the competition may be a necessary part of that activity.”
So, if it comes out that those in the public were deceived by an entity in a dominant position of power, where to next for the AFL? Surely its legal structure needs to be addressed, just as there is questioning of the power accorded to the Big Four Banks under the existing government regulatory system.


Don’t worry no relation. Tom browns dad was high up at channel 9

Alex browns dad played footy for Fitzroy


Precisely. I think it might just get some traction.


Phone records needed:
Fat Patrick
Etc etc
Who was calling who and when…reckon that will create strands in the cable. Wonder if the NSA still has them on file, would make interesting listening ! :thinking:


Andrew Dillon - the AFL legal counsel - might be a bit nervous about his legal reputation.
And the electronic files would be hard to destroy, unless, like the Sky team doctor, it is all on PCs that mysteriously go missing.
Would not be surprised if those lower down the rungs at AFL House are having a laugh ( except for those who depend on Gil’s patronage).


Jackson Taylor’s twitter summary:

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I wonder what James and Gill were talking about over coffee a week or so ago?

Gill trying to cut a deal?


I’m open to the idea that they both were.


Gill asking if there were any jobs at gemba




Err, correct answer here clearlK Log & Steve Perry’s Grammy Award nominated “don’t fight it”.


Nor should they.
The media went spare over the ball tampering affair.
What the AFL contrived was far worse than ball tampering. One could argue it was more like match fixing.


Alex and Tom Browne are cousins I believe.


He has a right to his opinion but i don’t have to respect what that opinion is. I couldn’t care less if his “entertainment” is being impacted. To say “what’s happened happened, no one cares any more” seems callous in light of Jobe Watson’s recent interview, what Hirdy went through, what Bomber is currently going through.

Sorry but some of us care about right and wrong. I’m not going to forget that just because there’s a game this weekend.


Is it really? I always thought it was always about the saga, but the only way a third party could bring these people to court, thus getting them examined and exposing the dodgy crap happening throuout the saga years, was through alleging misleading and deceptive conduct.

Pretty sure when this case started that’s what this whole forum was banging on about.


If you think that you have missed the point entirely.

Please consider again.


Its about deceptive and misleading conduct in a trade or commerce setting AFAIAA.


As quoted by Pierik, the judge recognised the AFL’s controlling power. He also recognised that it is largely publicly funded.
In agreeing to the case going to full trial, it follows that there are legal limits on the power of the AFL as a virtual monopoly. Those limits include a legal obligation to refrain from misleading or deceptive conduct in the exercise of its powers.
As Essendon supporters we have been directly exposed as consumers to the AFL abuse of power. As a member of the public, I have no faith in the AFL’s exercise of its powers.
This case serves to expose it to the wider consumer public
If the AFL acts only for itself and does not act for the public good it should be restructured.


This is genius, and I suspect I only know two Kenny Loggins’ songs (who the fark is Journey?)