Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Here comes the fake news, as reported in the Australian, AAP sourced:
“A legal industry insider suggested to AAP that Mr Taylor is a passionate Essendon supporter who feels the AFL let the club down.”


Wtf has happened to AAP?
Was a time they’d want two named sources and a friggin’ signed affidavit before they ran it as news.


Seems to me that both these views are likely to hold some truth. I’m guessing a black letter reading of the claim would have it as strictly about the AFL’s conduct vis-a-vis Australian Consumer Law (and probably this is the way the Judge will take it), but as for the complex motivations of the plaintiff and his supporters and the avenues this case could open up for further actions…who knows! For mine, the end game is that so much ■■■■■ gets laid bare that some sort of enquiry has to occur and we get a truly independent report at the end of it to counter that horseshit that Ziggy trotted out. I’ll settle for something well short of that though.


Best thing about this case is the AFL can’t reach a settlement with anyone. Taylor and his legal team have nothing to win out of this. Only way a payout would work is refunding any tickets purchased once the fix was in. Not going to happen so we should get to find out why the AFL choose brand reputation over the truth.


Funny that, not one media source parked anywhere or any interest in writing an article on what’s happening with JT and Burnside. I find that strangely remarkable. Gutless wonders.


More likely saying to James, “please ensure Tania gets nowhere near the witness stand.”


Here we go again. He doesn’t support Essendon.


I dont mind the fact that none of the gutless AFL mouthpieces have mentioned this, because if this gains legs and JT wins the case, it will be even more of a shock to the arseholes who’ve slagged the club and players.


Fitzpatrick reminds me of Jack Nicholson in a few good men. Stir him up and he will crack with rage. “You can’t handle the truth”


Have we heard from purple yet?


He’ll probably have something stupid to say in his unhinged doors on friday


We shouldnt be concerned with journos not covering it now. If some real truths come out it will be big enough news that non-accreditted journos will be breaking it. Then the afl have zero control of it.

While they are silent you know they are a bit concerned


Yes, … their silence is fking deafening.


Just checked out the two Melbourne rags not a word from both.(i did not buy them.) I think the polo player and his cohorts are bricking themselves.


I noticed that too.


What, they couldn’t ask Mr Taylor themselves if that was the case? They needed a " legal industry insider"


I thought Taylor wasn’t an Essendon fan?




Liz Lukin at work again.


It would be better if she took a few days off. Quite a few in fact…