Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Ha, ha. I am interested in the earth’s lay lines and the effects it has on the human energy field. Some people might think that kind of stuff is related to witchypoo but it is a science.


He doesn’t see it as a waste of time. He sees what happened as a gross miscarriage of justice.


Not real science but pseudoscience. They cannot be detected by any scientific device, but only by “psychics” or “new agers” who just imagine them to be real.


Pursuit of justice is never a waste.


I don’t care that it’s a Collingwood player.
A 4 year ban for that is just bullshit.

The AFL needs to ditch these morons ASAP. They had the best chance they’d ever get with the Essendon Saga and they ■■■■■■ it up


Check out Heart Math.


That device cannot detect lay lines. And we know the human body contains energy.


The Russians have developed electronic imagery that can detect energy unseen by the human eye.
For instance the body’s Meridian System which the Chinese and other Asian societies have known about for several thousand years. It is intriguing and interesting.


So, like ASADA accountability or Essendon development.
May or may not exist.


I’d like to know what that machine is, and how it depicts the lines and how they interact etc. Plus, of course, the associated research which proves it…!

Don’t get me wrong, this stuff is interesting to me too, but we need to realise how powerful our imagination is and how we can just imagine these things into “existence”.


I’m not talking about the device. Look at the research the Institute has been doing about the human body and the body electric.


Energy meridians and chakras do exist and are perceivable by your own senses if you take the time to train your mind with methods like Vipassana meditation, which is simply a technique to train your mind to be able to focus your awareness to a single point and thus heightens your awareness of all your bodies sensations, at the same time as teaching you something about what Buddhists have learnt about the body and energy fields through their own experiences of this awareness.

You are quite right to doubt them if you have never experienced or understood them yourself, as your own experience and understanding are the only ways you can truly know something, that is what the Buddhists will tell you anyway.

You are also correct about the power of the imagination, if you are not open to the possibility of something existing, chances are you won’t be able to perceive it. Aldous Huxley experimented with the drug mescalin to heighten his senses. He realised that while he was able to perceive so much more, he was completely dysfunctional in the physical world while in that state. He likened the brain to a radio tuner, in that it didn’t increase your perception as such, but rather reduced it to the point where you could physically function.

I would be interested in the machines as well and how much science can measure these things, but your own experience of yourself is the best teacher, and what you learn can be applied to improving your own health. Hence the emergence of mindfulness meditation (which is closely related and of Buddhist origins) as a recognised technique for reducing anxiety and improving focus. Interestingly Dustin Martin’s success with it meant it was taken on by the whole Richmond football team, and we know there is something going on there with what was the reputed worst list to ever win a premiership, now being regarded as stacked with All Australians, without much change in personnel.


I agree. The human body and the body/mind connection are fascinating and the things that can be done using Mindfullness and Mediation.

Got me back on my feet after fracturing my spine in all three regions thoracic, cervical and lumbar spine following a car accident when I was thrown through the front windscreen.


I thought you did mean the machine detected lay lines…anyway… I think we largely agree!

I largely agree with you too @SCarey, but I’m yet to be convinced that meridians and chakras exist beyond just imagining them to be there.

I think this topic deserves its own thread!!


You should doubt they exist if you haven’t experienced them or understood them, but as Isaac Newton was humble enough to express:

To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.


from drug doping to chakras. fair to say this thread has jumped the shark.


And all the other threads are so linear.


Drugs, mind, body, chakras - all related. But @RedandBlackPartisan might have been onto something. Perhaps a new thread.


Gill saying he can’t comment on the Sam Murray case, bound by strict obligations of confidentiality. Another new AFL rule?



It’s an interpretation.