Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Dutton and Gil known to each other from the saga, when Dutton was Minister for Sport and possibly through Liberal connections. Otherwise from different backgrounds. Dutton is an ex Queensland cop, father a builder and mother into child care. Gil is SA squattocracy with Liberal connections.


Love this quote from McLachlan: " I would always help someone if I thought it was fair and appropriate if they asked for help.”
“You’ve got to consider each case on its merits.”

Yep. You were so fair and helpful during the Essendon saga. Mind you, Evans, Robinson and Goodwin might vouch for you.


Who said, “crime doesn’t pay.” It certainly does!


A sense of entitlement comes from having an elite sense of entitlement. He and Dutton are members of “the boys club.” Is that a good enough reason for you.


And all this happened at a weekend when offices were closed and Dutton was scheduled to fly out. Who else would have had out of office contact points?
A Home Affairs Officer was dragged into the office, drafted a submission probably dictated to her and had to arrange for Dutton’s signature of approval then to transmit the document to officials at Adelaide airport.


This is so not surprising, and such a shame.


Federal ICAC, … NOW!!

If you’ve never voted Labor in your life., … just this one promise to set one up, is enough of a reason to do so.

It’s worth at least a 3yr term no matter how much you might hate them to get this long needed Level of oversight on the scheming corrupt prickz in place to do so.


Would love to be able to say karma’s a ■■■■■ Gill, but he is definitely teflon and it will all be brushed under the carpet.
Would also love to se a media circus parked outside his front door but that won’t happen either.


He politicianed the fk out of those answers, … better than most Pollies could.


Did Gil intervene in regard to the discretionary authority of the ASADA CEO to launch doping charges?


The Deal Maker


Mmmmm…Nathan bock playing in the legends game…


She had a return ticket, we provided a letter of support and her family did also re finances. (twice).

(Have since been told, don’t know if it’s true, that they only allow a 100 or so from South America)


Reportedly, Gil had to front the Board to explain his actions. The Board may have queried why he used the AFL government relation advisor, Jude Donnelly, to conduct business on behalf of his family. Donnelly , who was brought in by Demetriou, had previously worked for Abbott ( as well as Richmond). She would be well known to Dutton.
She is currently on the Board of the Melbourne Press Club, of which the AFL is a sponsor. No conflict of interest there.


Just when you thought such useful connections couldn’t get any more convoluted. ^^^


Gil - “ take out the bits we don’t need, you know, the bit about working for my cuz”.


I just wanna know when Dutton & Ley decided to gift $100k USD to WADA to screw over the Essendon FC…was that a favour for Gill. Thats all I wanna know


Wouldn’t that be Dutton helping out his mate McDevitt who had a huge mount of egg on his face after he got smashed by the AFL special tribunal.


Mcidiot was a Fed copper, Dutton was state but he also worked at NCA where he would have crossed with AFP officers. Wonder if they worked together too?


Starting to figure out all the cross curve connections, fascinating isn’t it? Like a spider’s web of Whose Who? Once people start doing the odd little favour for a friend or a friend of a friend, they are in the web (or the boys club) and can’t get out.

The implications are - friends help each other out when they need a favour and at some point that favour will be repaid. No questions asked.