Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Grace was conflicted as he was (and I believe still is) a CAS arbitrator. Who knows who’s interests he had at heart.


Wow ! - You are really jumping the shark with your ill-informed comments that don’t suit your misguided narrative - Maybe Grace did his level best to ensure the EF34 would be found guilty by the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal but failed miserably at his job, so he then suggested a no-hoper in Hargreaves to represent the players at the CAS hearing - I will repeat if you want any justice for the players ( which is a long shot ) then it has to be people with no affiliation with the Anti-Doping Movement - It’s a waste of time throwing up names of people who are working within this tent.


Sorry Yaco if I have been unclear. By all reports, Grace did a great job at the AFL Tribunal and this is acknowledged. He became conflicted the minute ASADA took the case straight to CAS. As he is an arbitrator. He had to make a decision to either stay with the case or stay as an arbitrator.

I question Grace’s interest, as he portrays athletes rights but could have chosen to represent the E34, and achieved it.


Grace was unable to represent the players at CAS because he is a CAS arbitrator - Now if you want to make it simple, then CAS Arbitrators should not be allowed to represent athletes at Anti-Doping tribunals - Again the premise of your post has an untruth which happens too often in this thread.


In hindsight, that is the greatest lesson we have all learned.


I wonder if he had chosen to represent the players at CAS, if they may have had more than half
a chance. But he chose to look after his own interests and bowed out.

What Grace has shown is that anyone with business interests plus friendships
associated with the AFL, is both conflicted and untrustworthy.


I know David and I know he also busted his ■■■ for the AFL Tribunal case - telling me it was one of the most stressful cases he has been involved in. There was never a choice between the E34 or CAS - once it was appealed he was conflicted out.


He was conflicted. Or he chose to withdraw? Whatever! It was the difference between the J34 having a chance and not. The J34 Legal Team were not up to it against CAS, they were totally unfamiliar with the CAS system and in the end it worked against us.

David Grace had, had a lot to do with James Hird he knew a lot more about what was actually
going on. He was possibly the only person we had on our side, and he was conflicted!!!
He conveniently stepped out of the picture. I guess he has to live with his decisions.


I don’t think you are right. From my experience with the law - when you are conflicted, you don’t get to chose sides (even if you resign from a conflicted position) - you still have insider knowledge and relationships that can be prejudicial - you’re only ethical option is to withdraw completely. Plus, I’m pretty sure CAS procedure says that you can’t appear before CAS if you have been a CAS arbitrator within the last three years - on the basis because you are seen to have relationships with the other arbitrators that may prejudice a fair hearing. So I really doubt he ever had the choice to keep representing the J34 at CAS level.


In hindsight, David Grace was the only chance J34 had at that time. Why wasn’t someone else who had expert knowledge of how the CAS legal system worked referred to the players and their Australian Legal Team, who were well and truly behind the eight ball? A fair hearing. There is nothing much that is fair about the CAS interpretation of the law, as it stands with the J34. They had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a fair hearing.

Personally, I think the conflicted rule of law is a convenient cop out which works very well for CAS and WADA. The Law and Justice are further apart in this instance than they have ever been.


Yeah lets not forget that the players contracts & the WADA code at the time the charges were laid & proceedings started against the players didn’t allow for WADA to appeal to the CAS unless it was on a point of law & there was certainly no allowance for a completely new de novo hearing of the case. Again this is a clear example of where the players rights were completely shat on. Would they have engaged the services of a known CAS arbitrator if they knew the de novo case to CAS was even an option? Being forced to find new counsel in the middle of a defence would be considered a far bigger prejudice in any other jurisdiction than some imagined conflict of interest.


Lets recap the above comments:

and then this:

Note: all three were in on it: AFL, ASADA and WADA
Never forget.
Never let them forget it.


I just came on here to see what’s happening and saw the words “let’s recap…”





And the Federal Govt. were in on it too


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I get wanting to pretend that this is normal. It. Is. Not. How. Average. AUS. Footballers. Are. Treated. ASADA has made Bolt a doping risk target because they like many want to be the one to catch him with an AAF. I don’t have a problem w/ this but let’s not call this normal.



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hhmmmmmm well as long as he doesn’t bring Dank on board too they should be right LOL




How odd are his qualifications. He holds all those Masters degrees but does not appear to have a degree at Batchelor level