Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


A company with no apparent ties to the AFL or AFL Boys club actually looked at his resume and hired him?

Do they not do a cheeky Google search?


yeah, ‘has undergraduate studies…’, meaning?

And they forgot to mention his Masters in Throwing Good People Under the Bus for Personal Gain


His wealth of financial experience may be limited to M&A in the western suburbs of Sydney.


The key qualification is the Master of Physiotherapy which is the minimum tertiary level for Physio. Melb Uni offers only 3 years post grad studies in Physio but the student gains a PhD and has to pay the extra three years as a full fee paying student.

That Master of Physio allows him entry into MBA type post grad courses which are usually Masters degrees. I don’t know about these days but the senior executive MBA used to be a part-time course (because the attendees were working and being sponsored by their company). A significant part of the course was a 6 - 8 week live-in, full time, full on blitz.

I did the same course and it took less than a year. Used to be that the cost was $40k minimum (and the attendees all held senior positions within their company. The whole experience was worthwhile not so much the academic side but the study of people and how they react and cope with pressure.

The Applied Finance qual can be done by correspondence and again would be sponsored by the employer. Nobody fails these courses except if you drop out. But you are not out of pocket and end up with the CV as in the article.

The undergraduate studies??? May just mean that he dropped out. Incomplete tertiary studies really should have no weight. One thing is for sure, he ended up with a teflon coating.


He might have a heap of qualifications, comes highly qualified but is he trustworthy and integral? H’m?

Eye sight not good, failed to see Dank’s activities being played out right under his nose. Maybe he’s learned a thing or two since the saga ended.


He has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science.


I was quoting via the letter of introduction by Teaminvest, whoever they are. Whether those qualifications are authentic or not, I don’t know.

The framed pieces of paper on the wall are irrelevant, if the person simply does not have the emotional intelligence to utilise what they have learned via academia.



@Robin_Close, wanna go?


Like how it says Jobe Watson - Club Capt, BROWLOW MEDALLIST, AA. B&F Winner.

Good stuff Sandy.


As a bomber fan you’d kind of want to hear about more than just ‘the saga’.

And non bomber fans are probably over it.


Never forgive, never forget… but… sure feels like a couple of years too late.


They would have been unable to say anything while still playing.

They may still be unable to talk of the sage depending on what conditions were attached to their settlements. (They probably had bad legal advice yet again).


Sandy might be getting a call from AFL House, if they haven’t already.


Sandringham appointed Danny Corcoran as President not long after the Saga. He lasted a while there.


There’s an asterisk next to it


The AFL and footy clubs are so forgiving after the event, aren’t they?


AFL tell lies.

…and here is the evidence if you wish to quote it to anybody:


“Hird was warned by the AFL’s integrity services manager that peptides were a serious risk to the League’s integrity, in the same category as steroids and Human Growth Hormone”


Evidence from the CAS hearing:



Why would CAS evidence state that “the AFL” attended the meeting? The AFL is a brand name that can’t do squat. Why not identify the persons representing the AFL who attended the meeting?

I ask as I assume that is the infamous meeting that Clothier attended and later changed his own record of the meeting.


Except, Thompson who is giving a second hand account in that linked article, infers ( he wasn’t at the meeting ) that he took that meeting as a warning. Doubt this particular issue impacted on the CAS Decision.

Anyway waiting for Becky Scott and Daley Thompson to come to the aid of the EF34 - They have been mute on the subject.