Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”



Could make a Where’s Wally book for him…


Robinson’s rise in the finance industry is bizarre. I have no doubt he was parachuted into KPMG at the request of the AFL. He has landed positions many people require over a decade of experience in Finance to achieve.


Found him right under our noses


$$$$= shhhhh


Blow the lid right off boys. Go for it.


Maybe they had very good legal advice and are putting the carrot right under the AFL’s nose.


Should have, could have and didn’t because……………………… Who is also guilty of what crime???


What is the bet, Deano will end up working for Gil at AFL House. I lay fiver to nouse on it.


He came with very good references.


You do realise they wont reveal anything?


Yep I do but I can hope can’t I? At some time, some place, a whistle blower will emerge, somewhere.

I was listening to the ABC this morning two blokes talking about Cricket Australia. I thought my
goodness the things they were saying it sounded like they were talking about the AFL. Both organizations are run exactly the same way and are answerable to no one. They make their own rules. Interesting.


Something is going down with WADA following the decision to reinstate Russia and claims of bullying of athletes who have spoken out.
WADA has recently issued a statement , asserting that criticism ( including from an Australian Olympic medallist) is driven by a politically motivated group of detractors trying to destabilise WADA.
Earlier ASADA issued a statemeant registering concerns at possible bullying.
Australia ( under the Oceana group chaired by NZ) was one of the few Executive Committee members opposing Russian re-instatement.
There have been suggestions that USADA is orchestrating the campaign.
Wonder if our Minister for Sport has a view on this. Still waiting for her to act on the Wood report on Integrity in sport.


Trent Cotchin was an absolute class act picking up the phone and wanting to talk to Jobe. Absolute respect for Cotchin and his handling of the situation. Sam Mitchell on the other hand is a piece of s##t.


Anyone know this guy ?


I believe he is referring to Nathan Bock, but it could totally be anyone


Not surprising.

The entire saga was an ■■■ covering exercise by the AFL executive including Clothier making up warnings etc

Offered up EFC on a platter to ASADA to isolate it to one club despite rife league wide supplement use they’d allowed under their watch.


Timeline is interesting, or confused.

Of course we know Nathan Bock moved from Adelaide to Gold Coast and everyone testified he got CJC there (and therefore Bock Robinson Dank were found not guilty, bizarro world stuff never appealed consequently). But this appears to be saying either Dank was loitering about Adelaide or Bock may have been the instigator at Gold Coast.


Interesting year 2010.

Interesting that 71 players across 8 clubs (I wonder who?) had tested positive to PEDs.

Interesting too that Collingwood won a GF replay against the Saints. The Pies looked fresh and the Saints looked tired.

Even more interesting is the rumour-come fact, particularly from the Saints camp, that 6 Pie players - including some of their biggest names - had tested positive to PEDs (elevated levels of HGH I believe).

Remember, this was smack bang in the middle of the era when Demetriou kept complaining, loudly, of “physedders” taking over/ruining/etc. the game. His biggest protagonists who publicly fought back? No other than Malthouse-Buttifant from, of, course, Collingwood.

Perhaps no coincidence then that the only club to be have players publicly test positive to a banned/PED substance in the last few years are 3 Collingwood players,


Not that I’m buying into this, but if I were, I’d be putting Collingwood, Geelong and Brisbane firmly in the gun.
Not Carlton, though. As much as it would be nice to.
If ever there was a club that never hit the steroids (or the weights) it’s them.


Early on in the Saga, Fark Carlton actually had players publicly state they’d bought random crap on the internet and didn’t bother to tell the club doctors.

The club staff were of course too busy seething then making meetings with Alavi to get whatever Good Stuff™ we were on.

Also, blue powder.

Fark Fark Carlton.