Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


I’m not saying they didn’t try.
Just that they were ■■■■ at it.
Their players have always been…underdeveloped. Natural country style big frames like Judd and Robinson aside.
lol. And I guess fat ■■■■■■■ like Fev, but…you know what I’m saying.

Forgot Hawthorn. Obviously them, too.

Brisbane and Geelong, though…
There’s two teams that went from wet paper bags to pitbulls in a season and no-one ever said a thing about it.


BOCK, can someone please explain where this is up to?


If there were positive tests to a WADA banned substance, I expect ASADA would have been aware. Andruska took over as CEO from Ings some time in 2O10.
Not so sure of a Dank Adelaide connection. Bock’s family had been involved in the drug scene in Adelaide ( one of them jailed for it).
The ACC inquiry should have thrown up doubts over a number of clubs and knowledge of any positive tests. Yet, Cronulla and Essendon - for whom there was no evidence of positive tests - were the only clubs chased down by ASADA.


Nathan Krackouer traded from Port to GC in 2010. Could Krakouer have been the player and Bock the trafficker?


So did I?

The interesting thing about the drug trade - you are either in it or out there’s no in-between. And; people who want out usually go out in a box, by accident or not.
Silently or with a bang.


Wonder if all the newly drafted teenagers at the Gold Coast got a fix up with the good stuff.

We know that the AFL hired a rugby league player that loved coke (mmm… what year did Harley Bennell get drafted again?? 2010 anyone)…we know that the AFL employed a Crows player that was not just using PEDs, but using an actual drug ( CJC-1295 ) that at the very least had growth hormone and anabolic type impact and properties, so…I JUST WANNA KNOW DID THE KIDDIES GET IN ON THE ACT TOO Andrew cause you were in charge mate !!!

Fancy exposing 18 yo kiddies to this sort of uncontrolled environment…and there lying the real reason the EFC got hammered. Deals were done behind closed doors by the “power brokers”.



  • Cats flags
  • Ablett Jnr at both clubs & brownlow medallist

As such Weapon gets a leg up in life and Hird gets his life destroyed.

Collateral damage to AFL executive protecting the leagues interest aka their own.


We are reacting to a tweet by someone unknown. The facts would be documented in the Downes report commissioned by Dutton ( FOI request refused) and would be held by the ACC. Many in football circles seemed to be aware that only one AFL club was being targeted by the ACC. As David Evans said to Vlad: “Are we the club?”


Was that after the “deals were done”. That Richard Ings should be able to tell us. He was the head of ASADA in 2010 wasn’t he, the farking big mouth


But wasn’t it brought up in the court case by Miss Amnesia that there were 11 other clubs being looked at?


No, that refers to the AwFuL phone call “audit” where they established (and published!) that 12 clubs were using Good Stuff™ and were sloppy governance-wise.

It’s not known if the other six clubs admitted to only one of those two.

There’s a decent chance Melbourne were not in that twelve… but they were outed shortly afterwards as receiving thymosin and other goodies from Dank in his usual fully-documented fashion.

And nothing more was ever said about that.


Melbourne is probably the dirtiest part of the whole thing.
Worse than Bock.
And I’m not convinced that Trengove (or however you spell it) really had a two year injury.


Ings isn’t going to say anything to jeopardise his chances of getting a cushy job with WADA.


I think Andruska may have been appointed in July 2010 for a four year term.
Be careful with this tweeter. He also tweeted that Hird was told via a call from a pay phone, verified by CCTV. That sounds a bit far fetched.


“I didn’t inject anyone.”

You may not of physically injected anyone but you may as well have given the lack of attention you gave the issue. Too busy luncheoning, ya fat fark


He also said ASADA didn’t catch out Crows, etc but instead it was WADA and the AFP.
That’s not how ASADA/WADA works, is it?

Edit: I see he’s since added an explanation as to why it happened this way. Not that it changes the fact he’s completely unverified.


Nope - 11 clubs referred to the survey the AFL undertook that showed 12 clubs (including us presumably) did not have a single point of control for supplements use. Yet , we somehow were the only club that had a governance issue. Go figure.

Middleton, in his findings, made the following key statements:

  • the AFL and ASADA were looking at multiple clubs in mid January 2013 for PED use but settled on Essendon by the end of Jan 2013. No reason was given as to why
  • (consequently), Essendon did not self-report in early Feb 2013 i.e. the decision to investigate Essendon had already been made by ASADA and the AFL.


Thanks @BakerWasAStar


You sound like Gerard Healy.


One day, the Essendon administration needs to fess up and explain this to its supporters.