Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Does this guy have any clout? He says he once worked in the admin level. Now he lives in the US.

The “71 players at 8 clubs” thing is absolutely rage-inducing if true. I’m following his account now.


I look at this thread about once every two months. It is always exactly the same.

For fark’s sake can we close the ■■■■■■ thing and think about the future?

I know there will be a million responses telling me I know nothing. But I do know this.

Nothing is going to change. It’s over. History.

Move on


Ohh, FFS!

YOU can do as YOU farking well please!

Mute the farking thread, and never come back!


Yeah, so i was bored but here you go.

Then look at some of his anti-essendon tweets


BSD please. Your primary pastime in here is to drop into threads just to say how stupid you think they are (eye roll much?) Bit rich for you to criticise someone fo doing the same thing.


Nice work.


said captain eye roll!


Just went through the accounts People Power follows. That’s one weird dude! If he was an insider I would have expected a few more AFL or media related follows.
P.S. I didn’t even know there were that many Star Wars characters.




The guy is an absolute nutbag.

Interesting how you can come up with a top 5 of guilt, that includes 6 people (and none of them are Dank, and 1 person wasn’t even involved until after the saga broke)


There happens to be a great injustice that’s occurred (which I am still furious about) and some people will never ever ever be able to let that go to any extent. I understand that, and I agree that it would be good (for the club, and this board) if they could, but this thread will still be going in 2050, even if we win twenty flags in that time, and unfortunately that’s just the way it is.


HA! that’s gold.





I always feel as though this thread wants to have it both ways.

When discussing Dank and Essendon it’s always “There is no proof we took anything”.

When discussing other clubs potential Dank connection it’s “He was dodgy at 11 other clubs, he gave this player that, Geelong flags are tainted…blah blah”.

You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Was Dank dodgy at multiple clubs including ours? Or was he just inside the rules at all of them? Which one is it?


I’m gonna eye roll the sh/t out of your next social justice thread @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS, oh man


It’s pretty conclusive that Bock took CJC.
Other than that, it’s the AFL/ASADA that wants it both ways.
They think thymosin was thymosin at Melbourne and thymosin was TB4 at Essendon.


I think the grievance relates to “why Essendon?” Yes, It was the last club where Dank landed ( brought by Robinson ) but he and the Weapon had worked at several clubs ( AFL and NRL)…
it is the politics of selecting an NRL and AFL club apiece that rankles, as well as appointing the official scapegoats among the football staff.
After rolling Cronulla on a range of substances, TB4 was the only substance that ASADA could identify as a “possible” in regard to Essendon.
While it picked up Sandor Earl on some substances, it did not succeed on TB4.
To the best of my knowledge Essendon players are the only ones in the world to have been penalised for TB4.
The evidence was thin and at least in the case of Bock, there appears to be far stronger evidence in regard to another substance.


The most distressing thing is the architect of the program ’ Dank’ was found not guilty of administering TB4 by the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal and then WADA dropped their appeal against this finding, while the players were found guilty of being administered TB4 - Amongst a number of concerning issues regarding this case, this is by far the biggest.


Andrew D was always a wheeler and a dealer. Very opportunistic.


If Dank was playing it straight and he was inside of “the WADA rules” we would NOT have got pinged. Or; perhaps, Dank himself, although slightly bent, was played by someone else inside the organization. The trouble these days is, there is no honour amongst thieves.

There are ONLY a few people who did very nicely out of the saga - and the rest, will probably never out live it.