Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Is it? Getting the players was always their target due to the public exposure it would generate and precedent created. Nobody could give a fark about Dank - why waste money on this decision as nobody is likely to use him again even without the lifetime ban from afl


This quote from the WADA Minutes of May 2015 sums up the fact that the players were pawns in a game WADA, with ASADA’s active assistance, was playing:

On the legal cases, quite a bit of money had been spent. There were a few big cases
ongoing. He informed the members that WADA had appealed on Friday the cases from the
Australian football leagues (34, potentially 35, cases). That would not help with the budget,
but it had really been felt that it was very important from the point of view of principles. The
initial decision had been questioning the ability to pursue non-analytical cases, and the level
of proof required to win the cases and, at a time when the new Code was entering into force
and putting a lot of emphasis on non-analytical cases, it was important to set the right
precedent. Those cases were being appealed at the CAS.


Yes I agree. It certainly was important to set the right precedent. But for whom? It was never about the athletes/players it was about WADA and the AFL. Sad but true and unchangeable for now.


" it was important to set the right precedent."

Nothing more needs to be said, apart from the CAS starting point that the 34 were guilty.

So many injustices.


They just needed a big scalp to get more funding for pursuing non analytical cases


Are u held at gun point every two months to open this thread.

I am guessing not. How about u just don’t come here and let people who want to discus it do as they wish.

It’s such a stupid thing to say.


You miss the point. This thread is stupid. Yes we were treated incredibly unfairly and it’s an injustice that burns. But the injustice will never be recognised and there will never be any redress for the many innocent people harmed. The thread is a complete waste of time that does nothing except keep that injustice in the minds of the people who suffered.


No, it’s you that misses the point, & you’re just compounding your stupidity.

Nobody posting here gives a fk what you think.


Might be time you moved on, for your own sake and leave the rest of us here.


Apologies if this has already been posted:


Not with that attitude


If ever I’m wronged I want Shelton10 to represent me and fight for justice. And then after I pay him the big bucks I want him to tell me that fighting for justice is stupid.

and ps Sh10, posters who frequent this thread are many, many times better informed re the saga than the rest of the population.




You are confusing public exposure with law - And it’s law which is the expertise of WADA/CAS/ASADA etc - Public exposure should be irrelevant as was the case with Chris Froome and Team Sky in cycling.


But ASADA/WADA/CAS put public exposure before the law in the case of the E34. That approach stands in stark contrast to the rigorous legal approach of CAS in two recent Russian cases. Like the E34, those cases did not involve positive tests. So much for the E34 precedent that WADA claimed as justification for pursuing the E34.
Beyond the injustice to Essendon, there is a bigger picture of the corruption of legal processes at the international level, which is sanctioned by governments without care for their citizens.
In Australia, that position sits oddly with our PM asserting that he will not countenance the application of international treaties which might impinge on Australia’s sovereignty.
Some on this thread are interested in pursuing such matters.


I should have just made my original post and ignored the responses. I’m done now.

Enjoy the next 10 years, guys. They’ll all be the same for you. I’m just going to watch the team play and hope for premierships.


The Bluey Shelton I watched in the ‘60s never quit but there you go. In my view the dons are unlikely to achieve anything let alone a premiership until the club has a proper investigation of what happened and apologies for how its abandoned the players, the coaches and Corcoran. Success won’t be be built on a dishonest base.


Oh sweet jesus mother of mary help me as I have different interests to Shelton10. Please make all of us underlings his clone.
Also, other underlings on this thread could you please post the scores of our games on here as I won’t have time like Sh10 to watch our games because I spend 24/7 in here and I only dream of a firing squad aiming at 4 AFL execs.


Sharpe of ASADA has signed on to some fine words by 18 anti-doping agencies, stating that it supports athletes rights and their calls for reform of WADA governance.
Seems a bit hollow when ASADA has been known to get into bed with WADA - and to subsidise WADA- to undermine athletes rights .


Sharpe could and should call for an investigation in what ASADA did to Essendon and then he would have some credibility. ASADA is still up to its tricks, however, in blocking and delaying any and all FOI requests that would expose its nefarious activities in the Essendon matter.