Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


They only like talking the talk, they don’t care about walking the walk.


Hey - The thrust of my post is that somehow the EFC 34 were found guilty of being administered TB4 while the architect of the program was found not guilty of administering TB4 at EFC - Anastasios’ response was a red herring to my post - Legal processes are important in Anti-Doping as you correctly pointed out as evidenced by the Russian case and more importantly the Sky ‘Jiffy Bag’ issue - These cases were front and centre in public consciousness but the correct decision was made by CAS and UKAD.


Have posted numerous times that to receive any justice for the EFC34 ( which is a long shot ) then it must come from a whistleblower who is outside the Anti-Doping movement or has the loosest of affiliations - No way anyone within the movement will sacrifice themselves on the altar of integrity - And the Olympic athletes who complain about WADA were front and centre in prosecuting the case for the EFC34 - What a bunch of hypocrites.


Anyone who has any complicity or knows anything has been paid off in some way shape or form by the AFL it seems.


I am not so worried about the AFL, as after all they had no part in the CAS decision - It’s the bodies administrating and actioning the Anti-Doping Code who need to be cracked - Hence my reference to people outside the bubble.


The end result came down to CAS, yes. But being booted from finals, loss of draft picks, the treatment of Hird, Sarah, etc etc. Arguably it would never have got to CAS if not for how the AFL conducted itself.


If the AFail had have acted more appropriately (no leaks to media and due process followed ) ASADA wouldn’t have been so peeved and it would have finished with the AFail Tribunal. I think they wanted to ensure they didn’t loose face from an international perspective (and it became personal for mcidiot) thus the lobbying to WADA.


Hence the reason Hird was asked to stand down or resign or whatever it was, and then pop back up in 12 months with a job.


Ultimately, WADA appealed because EFC took ASADA to the Federal Court arguing the joint investigation was illegal - Anti-Doping agencies disapprove of any athlete circumventing their processes and will try to protect their backyard - It was ASADA who chose to charge players on the flimsiest of evidence, despite disagreements within their legal services branch - The issue the club and players had with the AFL is a separate issue to the eventual decision by CAS - The whole anti-doping investigation and then hearing/s were a joke when effectively players could claim to not have injections or failed to attend their interview. and therefore not be charged by ASADA:roll_eyes:.


I don’t disagree with that, I just think the AFL’s handling of the whole thing was also atrocious. Likwise some elements of the club.


There are flaws in the governance of ASADA and international systems, but the AfL is the prime cuprit, It has a constitution that delivers it too much power giving rise to self aggransement, For sure at the national level it can deliver a visa for an pair but that it is about its limits, but it got sucked in to power players. . The spectre of Demetriou and Gil to order around Canbera on who should take the fall ( not the players ) shows the limits of their political incompetence. But they sit there in Dockland weilding their power over player contracts and financial power over clubs .
The AFL has the AFLPA in its pockets.
Meanwhile, at the international level, it’s a different story.


Lets not forget the medias role. Bartlett ( via Smith ) and particularly the witch Wilson worked hand in hand with the AFL spreading lies and half truthes. Without them the demonisation of the EFC would not have been so clinical.


WADA has published a document of stakeholder comments on the 2021 Code Review on its website - lengthy and some interesting proposals for reform, including of WADA and CAS. Minimal engagement at the Australian end, limited to comment by a government drug analyst ( mostly on technical issues) .
A strong statement by Canadian athletes. UKAD and some others appear to have coordinated input at the the national level. The Council of Europe and quite a few European governments, as well as Canada and NZ governments have provided input. Not a peep from the US.


Well, yes, but I put that down largely to the AFL’s management, again.


Reportedly , Australia was represented at a White House anti-doping emergency summit on 29 or 30 October. The Declaration calling for WADA reform is up on the USADA website.
Seems to have gone unnoticed in Australia and ASADA/Sport Minister not providing any feedback.
At a time that the Minister for Sport is supposed to be reviewing Australian Sport Integrity, hope she is factoring in challenges to WADA Integrity ( which is the basis for anti-doping Integrity in most Australian sport)


Gillard now the beyond blue chief. What a joke.


Why is it a joke ? Nothing wrong with Gillard in this role at Beyond Blue - Life goes on which means people work and earn an income.


Really? Ask James Hird. Ask Watson. Yeah. She was an innocent party in the whole fiasco.


Ask Bomber Thompson and Danny Corcoran too.


This is a Fletcher Watson roadshow

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