Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Bomber5au and I have booked.
We are going to ask about the DCFs dates, processes and procedures.
Got any other questions you need answered?


Which event? Get in early then the others can improve their follow-up questions. I am thinking about asking about James and Gill but not sure yet. I am a little surprised by the event to be honest, though fascinated. Jobe often and understandably sounds like he wants to get away from footy and Fletch is reasonably laconic. I still have this fear Tim and Ken will turn up and run through some family slides.


I want to ask Fletch (and Hird) about the pill box.
That really disturbed me.


Is Warwick talking about CA or AFL. Seems that all sporting organizations in Australia work the same way. Responsible to no one and use bullying tactics to get their own way.

Warwick Hadfield ‏ @ HadfieldWarwick

David Peever’s departure should not be the last from CA. Also to be shown the door those who threaten cricket writers with loss of accreditation, those who tell former players “you’ll never work in this town again” and those who prepare and distribute dirt sheets on CA critics.


I’d be shocked if that were happening.
Due to the independence of the ABC and the fact that CA doesn’t have a legion of ‘communication specialists’ on their payroll.
If it is happening then a few journalists should be ashamed of themselves.
And I’m not talking about whores like Whateley, I mean journalists.


More info @wimmera1 ? Dare I ask?


How repressive were their NDAs? What confidence did they have in their legal team given they were paid by the AFL people who were behind the whole scapegoating? (You can make that sound more diplomatic if you like).


I’m only going on memory, which isn’t the best, but I recall It being reported that Fletch said in his autobiography (which I haven’t read) that a pill box was passed around the team and players just dipped into it.

It shook me at the time. But obviously I’d have to look more into it before I asked the question because…you know, old man.


Fletch’s autobiography is at our local bookshop. It rolls along in what seems pretty standard sportwriting, then the last line is something like “We heard the news, ASADA was appealing.” The End.


Was that no doze which every club was using?


I think you know that I don’t know that.
It was just something I read that upset me.


You could ask about AFLPA support during the saga, noting that internationally there is a coordinated push for the recognition of athletes rights in anti- doping organisations.


This might mean something or it might not but I have absolutely no recollection of any mention of pills being handed around pre-game. And Google isn’t helping me either.
Call me cynical, but I reckon the MSM would’ve mentioned it, had that been written.


You may well be right.
Perhaps I’ve misremembered.
Perhaps it was from a nightmare.

On your point, though, this was very much in the ‘let’s not talk about it anymore’ phase.


I think what you’re remembering is this:


But it doesn’t say anything about them being handed around. Just that every player got pills every fortnight according to some opaque and poorly documented program.


this is why most of us believe we were scapegoats I reckon the deal had been done so AD could get rid of Hird & move his new company into Gemba’s spot plus we hadn’t won a flag for awhile so they didn’t have to strip us of that., the rest of the clubs hated us, the media would love to whip the public into a fenzy about us as half of them hated us too, our CEO was best buds with AD!! there is probably more but I cant think of them right now …all created the perfect storm for essendon


I just remember the fake news about thousands of injections !!!


Heard from friends, she is pretty good advocate in that position and doing a great job.


Anyone tell me why Kyle Reimers didn’t get suspended? Was it because he didn’t sign the consent form?


Ask Jobe what was the purpose and what was discussed at the meeting with the AFL? IIRC Jobe, Goddard and others met with either Gill the Dill and/or The Fatman and Andrew Dillon late in the saga.

Do you have AFL accreditation to work in the media?

Were either of you offered a job with KPMG?