Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


H’m wonder when some people on this site were doing voice overs seeking Sarah, if anyone thought of testing voices on the Four Corners video???

Watching that video took me right back there again. Anyone else experience that?


In her Andrew Olle lecture ( article in the Rage) Caroline Wilson attributes the harsh AFL treatment of Essendon to Sam Mostyn and Linda Dessau and commends them for it . Great achievement for the sisterhood.


Self-aggrandising bullshit.



Spoiler Alert!!


Sorry BSD. I have now purchased said book and already got my blood boiling. Also going to hear Jobe (appropriately) and Fletch in Manhattan, one of the most conveniently located hotels in Ringwood featuring bar fridges and tea making facilities.


I’m heading to the Sandy one.


Two weeks earlier than the ABC 7:30 report on Essendon, on April 19 2013, the ABC 7:30 documented essentially a similar program at the Melbourne Football Club.

The AFL, ASADA and WADA have been covering this one up ever since.





Going to Sandy too although Bomberbelle is trying to swap our tickets to the Manhattan as it’s a couple of torpedoes from my house!

I’d like to ask if they have any understanding about the treatment dealt to Hird compared to the rodeo clown, Hamilton and the shiny Melbourne coach!

Also, I’d like to know if they have any sense as to the identity of Sarah. It was her testimony that swung the narrative violently back against us.


All set Sweatyman. Just got the OK about swap. :slight_smile:


Well done Bomberbelle!


Ive already posted two players missed their interviews with no consequences and others claimed to have no injections.


I doubt very much that Watson or Fletcher will spend to much time answering ASADA type questions at this forum, especially technically related questions. They may be willing to discuss the role of the AFLPA.


Carowhine is a self sustaining narcissist.


What’s the point of having cake if you can’t ■■■■■■■ eat it ffs?


Worst saying…ever!


It just means you cannot both eat your cake and still have it remaining.


I think it makes more sense if you say - you can’t eat your cake and have it too.

But that assumes you want the cake to look at rather than in your belly.


Solution: make a bigger cake.


With the traditional saying, it’s kind of written backwards isnt?

Much simpler saying; “you can’t eat your cake and still have it uneaten sitting on a plate on your table next to all of the other fattening and diabetic inducing goodies.”

And yep, cake doesn’t last too long on my plate.