Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


I get a Skyhooks earworm whenever someone says it.

‘You can’t have your dope and smoke it too
I’m tokin’ you, I’m tokin’ you’




Dank left his cake out in the rain
Then he tried to fake it
But it took so long to bake it
That he’ll never use that recipe again.


I have found however that in the case of urinal cake I can indeed eat it and it’s there the very next day just where I found it. So.


No, you eat it.


then the saying should be …you can’t eat your cake & keep it too


It’s a tad awkward when the word “have” has two meanings! Stupid English.

Anyway, you have my absolute permission to proliferate your version.


I hope I’m wrong, but I think they’ll veto any questions even remotely saga related.
I can’t see Jobe or Fletch wanting to dredge up further public discussion, or the predictable media attention it would trigger.


Except the ad is all about telling their uncensored side of the supplement scandal story


Ok, very interesting. Sorry didn’t see the ad.


It is interesting that the event indicates the night is scheduled for 3 hours ?? Can’t see Fletch or Jobe presentations going for more than 30mins each. That leaves either questions from the floor and/or questions provided by a moderator. We have asked the “organisers” (not really clear who they are but would love to know) for details of the format but have not received a response.

I assume that non disclosure agreements made when they were registered AFL Players no longer apply. I’m not sure about what legal restrictions there might be. Anybody know?? I would suggest both would not have agreed to the expose without legal advice because it could get messy

The issue I have is that if the disclosures are as frank and honest as the advertising suggests the Jobe and Fletch roadshow might be closed down on the first night by Big Brother.


You better go on the first night then :slight_smile:


Nothing like a bit of over the top advertising to draw people to the event…


I thought it was advertised as a 2 hour show for Sandringham.
As to any non disclosure obligations, I assume that they would apply to their compensation settlements with Essendon. There would not seem to be any other aspect of the saga requiring them to sign up to non disclosure in return for a deal being cut.
Of course, anyone wanting work in the media and any other AFL connected jobs might be wary of dumping on the club or the AFL


I think you’ll find pinning it on the club is mandatory for media accreditation.

Otherwise, 3 hours set aside for my Ringwood ticket too.


Not Essendon - the AwfuFL’s lawyers would have drafted those NDAs and made absolutely sure that they could not say anything that would have implicated the crooks in the big house.

WOT?!?!? The very most important aspects of the saga are exactly what would be covered by the NDAs!!!


That should be one of the very first questions at the first show.


Thanks Deckham, I’ll add it to my list. I’m intrigued as to where the content and flavour of the night might go.


You can bet your boots, the AFL will have their undercover spies there to ensure everything stays above board with no leakages.


I think Jobe and Fletch are smart enough to wear bullet proof vests.