Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Hirdy and Crawford should round up a few of the J34 and camp out on Vlad’s lawn for the next 6 months.

They can do their podcasts from there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nah - To be charged by ASADA you needed to fit two criteria - Have a signed consent form and more IMPORTANTLY admit receiving injections - State you did not receive injections and you were clear - Or even not attend an interview - Maybe do some research !


Vlad, nothing dodgy going on here, but can you please give me a loan, and them when it looks like l might default on the loan then write if off as a bonus, at your discretion.

Discretion is now a dirty word around any and all things associated with Vlad. Dodgy as.




Vlad will find a way to wriggle out of this, lay London to a brick.

Like Hamish McLaughlin and his Company which failed awhile back and cost people millions of dollars. These blokes must have unbelievable legal teams with superb contacts.


Vlad got Gil out of trouble with his affidavit for Gil when Gil flogged his spyglass shares shortly before it went belly up. According to Vlad, no element of insider trading.


It’s curious as to why the Australian thought it had to throw this line in there. If anything it draws further attention to the reader that they are being investigated for being absolute carnts.


Read this forum daily/regularly, keep it up…never forget…Xmas wishes everyone. A bit worried now about JD’s socks. x


Well, I for one would be shocked and stunned if AD was involved in illicit and nefarious activity.
He’s never, ever given any reason in the past to suspect he is a dodgy bullyboy who has been protected by the veil of private schoolboys and who throws his not inconsiderable weight around when the spotlight gets pointed in his direction.
No, I just can’t believe it.
And stunned.


Fletcher disagrees with this. He never received anything and still got suspended.

ASADA saw those forms as an admission to, at the very least, an intention to receive a banned (in their interpretation) drug so that’s enough.


I’m still unclear whether Fletch did or didn’t receive injections - see differing opinions this thread above.

Are there any more of those Fletch-Jobe nights where he can be asked if he had any injections?


Injections aren’t / weren’t illegal in themselves, it’s what they contained. The problem with the consent forms was that it listed Thymosin. If those forms didn’t exist then there was no “proof” that players might have been injected with thymosin.

ASADA also thought there was a conspiracy within the club to hide an illegal program.


So are you saying that Fletch had other injections, but not Thymosin?


I’m willing to bet he took pain killing ones! McVeigh has stated players, including himself, had vitamin B injections. (And I think vit d and maybe c) Amino acids were supposedly taken too.

All the legal substances on the forms are irrelevant. It was the thymosin which was the prob. In asadas eyes it was obviously TB4. Jobe (and others) weren’t charged with taking AOD9604.

So, ultimately, because the players consented to ingest an illegal drug, (the thymosin which was obviously TB4), whether they did or not, or whether they knew the drug was illegal or not, that lead to their undoing. ASADA simply assumed the worse, there was no room for assumption of innocence. But I suppose we’ve been down that path a million times!

A few years ago there was a VFL player who imported peds for personal use which was stopped at customs. He received a ban simply because he intended to cheat.

Very early on it was noted that the consent forms, ironically, lead to the players downfall. The very form that was meant to protect them lead to their undoing.


Fletcher acknowledged he had received vitamin injections, nothing illegal.


@up_up asked what Jobe and Fletch thought was the reason that only 34 went to CAS and they said it was because of the consent forms.

So shove your research up your ■■■■ you pompous wanker because I think the answer straight from the player’s mouth is what @up_up wanted.


Continue to get it wrong - Yes the forms were considered an admission that the players intended to take thymosin ( which somehow ASADA concocted to be TB4 ) but to take TB4 it had to be administered by injection - This was the 2 + 2 = 4 - You claim to receive no injections, So how could
you be charged by ASADA ? - Injections were proof ( in ASADA eyes ) of administration - The players were charged with administration of TB4, not conspiring to use TB4.


I am giving you the basis on why ASADA charged 34 players - Signed consent forms and admitting
to receiving injections.


A reminder from @MiRandB on twitter recently:

Demetriou joins Acquire Feb 2014, joins Bastion June 2014. Hird still a director of Gemba at the time. Saga ongoing



A while back I was speaking to a former director of the Brisbane Lions Football Club about footy in general. He said that some time ago, they (the board) had heard a malicious rumour about James Hird. We have all heard these stories and hopefully they have all been discounted accordingly.

Anyway, I found the most interesting part of his story was that they had been told this rumour by what he described was as “an absolutely impeccable source”. He would not say who, however through a series of follow up questions, I concluded it may have been Demetriou.

I recall Demetriou was caught spreading similar malicious rumours by the husband of a journalist.
Does anyone have any information regarding this?