Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Yep. Fat Vlad is a Prick, … and just the sort of prick that would do what you’re suggesting.


And let’s not forget how and why he earned that name “Vlad”.

Another contribution to our game and culture by that great man, Kevin Sheedy.


What I find most interesting is that the Brisbane official claimed there was a malicious rumour about Hird - Unless, I’ve misread Stabby’s post there is no mention of what is the actual rumour - Seems strange.


Let’s not start wild, baseless and ultimately fruitless rumour mongering


We certainly are not going to repeat empty, malicious rumours about one of our own on here. If you haven’t heard it you’ve missed nothing, so move on.


It doesnt matter how TB4 is administered. A consent to take something illegal is by itself enough to get you banned whether you consumed it or not.

But let’s do it re someone else.


I was told by someone who did some work for fairfax that a writer at The Age (not C.W) had told them one of the rumours and claiming the age had bought related proof but weren’t releasing it because they didn’t think it was fair game (to clarify, they bought it so nobody else would release it either out of the goodness of their hearts).

Obviously that’s a lie, as among other reasons The Age showed they weren’t interested in displaying a moral compass throughout the saga, but it’s an example of the ways that people with vested interest would help spread rumours to suit their agendas and give them the illusion of truth.

Another example was the same person having an appointment with Vlad, where Vlad walked in to their meeting on the phone complaining that essendon had leaked the names of the 34 to the Herald Sun, so then this bloke would go and spread the story about what he overheard from the top.


The so-called impeccable source about Hird’s private life was Demetriou. No journalist would touch it because it was a complete fabrication and they would have been sued to hell and high water.
Meanwhile, the AfL paid compo for Demetriou’s mate ( with whom he still has business interests) and he is not supposed to be allowed near AFL premises. The AFL was later exposed as a cesspit of misdeeds.


Continue digging yourself in a hole - Players were charged with administration of TB4, not conspiring to take TB4 - So if I accept your opinion as ’ Gospel’ please explain how 8 players evaded being charged ?



You’re missing the point. No consent forms = no listing of supplements = no evidence = no convictions.


Nah - It was the consent forms and players admitting receiving injections that got them charged by ASADA - So you in effect you are saying the remaining 8 players were not part of the program, and thus had no consent forms ?


Well, those 8 didn’t sign the forms, did they?
I think it was Slattery who signed a form, but never received any injections. Yet he was banned just the same as the rest of the 34. Seems that the forms were the problem to me.

I can’t believe we are still debating this.


We dont whether all players signed forms. ASADA is on record as stating to charge players they needed a consent form and admitted to receiving injections.


After the recent Fletch/Jobe talks, we know that some (unknown number) players didn’t sign the consent forms but participated in the program but weren’t charged.


Yep, they needed both. Several players who signed consent forms and denied taking injections weren’t charged.


Ban crushes former Bomber Henry Slattery’s coaching dreams

January 13, 2016 9:21am


It’s understood Slattery never featured in Essendon’s injection regime during 2012 but still incurred the blanket 12-month penalty handed to 34 current and former players at Bomberland.


That’s poor luck for Henry. Several players signed consent forms and weren’t charged. One signed a consent form, didn’t turn up for his ASADA interview and wasn’t charged.


No doubt they would have found another way to stitch em up, without the forms.


Probably. When the feds get tunnel vision, it’s all over.