Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Thanks for clarifying my earlier posts - I thought it was two players who failed to attend interviews - Anyway between players denying they receiving injections, to not signing consent forms, to not attending interviews to the final CAS decision shows the process was a SHAM.


Agree, sham.
38 players signed consent forms but only 34 were charged. There wasn’t evidence that Dank had injected 4 players and they weren’t charged. Two players weren’t interviewed at all and at least one of them had signed a consent form.
It shouldn’t be surprising but at least one player signed a consent form, wasn’t interviewed and wasn’t charged.


As do I,
I know of one player that signed the consent form but never took part in the program.

Edit: beaten to it. Slats was furious


Why didn’t he fight it? Lack of support (financial and otherwise)?


Let’s believe ■■■■ in the paper when it suits us!!


No chance of him beating it, financial reasons and it was “only a year”
If he successfully got to fight it, the year would have been over.


Yes, I thought so. It is just so sad that the players - especially past players like Henry and NLM - never got the support they should have to challenge the ■■■■ imposed on them by Vlad and the various psychopaths and sycophants he set in motion.


The players did fight the charges hence their appeal to the Swiss Court.



Has there ever been a word or expression as badly abused in the English language as “integrity”?
I know “diligence” and “governance” are up there but, for me, integrity wins hands down!
Whenever I hear talk of integrity committees, integrity policies, acting with integrity etc. I just automatically know it involves abso-fkn-lutely nothing of the sort…