Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”




All these are good… no, excellent… suggestions for overly used and/or abused words in the English language, but do any of them instantly conjure up the exact opposite thing… as “integrity” does??


Not retrospective?


The Coalition establishes ICAC which:

  • ignores the 10,000 submissions arguing for its creation (not retrospective),
  • won’t make corruption findings,
  • won’t hold public hearings,
  • can only be referred by gov agencies and
  • won’t have state ICAC powers.

projectendo: “TALK DIRTY TO ME ” ye moorish kyng’s heralds art like unto a lapdog; lo, see them prepare another missive


Well there is “decimate”.


Yeah, … Literally, Laconic, & Decimate would all be worthy winners.


Pristine is getting close. It should mean “untouched by humans”, but you see it being used in sentences like “this is a pristine buildingl” which impossible under the original meaning of the word.

I am just waiting for some revisionist to come in and say words mean whatever people want them to mean these days.


Is this a joke or what?


Not a joke. It is the way they currently think. Very sad actually.


The way I understood it, is that literally anyone can make a claim to a ‘government body’ ie - police, who then forward it to the new commission if they see the need. It’s a misleading point.


Can you find/quote anything saying it has to be natural & non-manmade?
All the free online dictionaries (so not OED) list it as just meaning unspoilt & in it’s original state - and quote things like shirts, houses and magazines. It’s from Latin via French from the same root as prime/primal, meaning something in it’s original state.

I can certainly see the angle that it’s become diluted and is now used to mean like new, as in it’s been “restored to pristine”, which isn’t really right.


Unless your complaint is against a corrupt cop…




I, for one, welcome our Tanner overlord.


It’s only taken him all these years to do this.But good on him.




A veggie (PLANT) and I say never, ever, put your trust in a current or an ex politician until they prove their worth.

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GAGF , until you did the edit and now I agree a very little bit


I don’t trust bacchusfox. So mdso drops some truth.