Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Collingwood grate , Shaw. The poison dwarf!


Why is it that there is never any mention of the role of Commissioners in these decisions? Does the Commission just leave it up to the CEO and his mates?


Well, considering they have potentially covered up tanking and according to WADA doping of a team, it’s interesting no one from HQ has been sacked when the evidence would suggest they tried to sweep both issues under the rug.


well there goes the dodgy fixture & crappy interpretation of rules …bet the afl will love that when it comes in


Small man’s syndrome Mr. Shaw.


Don’t you know the AFL can do NO wrong. And if by accident they did, there is always someone from the “boys club” who can fix that little problem, no worries.


The AFL and their pearly female mouthpiece like a Gerry Gee ventriloquist doll, are so similar to the big four Australian banks its hard to claw them apart. Integrity would be the last thing on their agenda. Not sure any of them even know what the word even means.

Tony Shaw would love to be part of “the boys club” but instead is just a short little thug, with foot in mouth syndrome, plenty of rs and sadly no class.


Why was this “redacted” character never investigated?

Was all over the ASADA report and now has ties with the Russian involvement in the US election!


Not sure how old this is, don’t agree with it all, but it is an interesting angle on the Saga and much before it


04%20am image


Good question… how indeed?


Looks like collusion between two arms of the bureaucracy; the TGA and ASADA.



If TB4 should never have been added to the list in the first place and they followed no due process to get it there that is one massive can of worms.


IIRC Handelsman got corrected by the AFL tribunal about his claim that TB4 was not registered for use in any country - he conceded it was an opinion but not a verifiable fact.
Wonder whether the TGA undertook an investigation to support its statement to that effect. Any evidence?
As a signatory to WADA, ASADA is under an obligation to encourage national health agency limitations on use of substances on the WADA list.
ASADA has been commended for such activity by a UNESCO treaty working party


That sounds a bit circular. If WADA does something dodgy, then ASADA has to get the TGA to ratify something WADA has listed even if it is dodgy ? Somehow that doesn’t seem the way Australian statutory authorities should be acting.


What a pack of ■■■■■■ these mobs are!!:rage:


So has Dank come out with the evidence that is going to clear us yet?


Personally, I’m waiting for the Essendon investigation to be completed so we can find out what happened at Melbourne.


For context


What’s the status of the Nathan Bock reopened investigation?