Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Man from corrupt organisation acts corruptly. Who would have guessed?


Only invoices & gets paid when they win

Twisting evidence to suit ayyy Handsy


Go easy there. Vlad never educated anyone.


Can’t believe some of you on here.
Every sex pervert says he was abused as a kid.
Every kitchen commando says he was bashed by his dad.
Every scam artist says they have a gambling habit.
Bomber might be a hero in his playing days but come on, you cant believe the ■■■■■ hes coming out with surely. Of course he’s gonna use the saga as an excuse. Load of bollox.

And I still reckon he had more to do with dank than what he told us.


Is being from Tassie a legit excuse for sleeping with your sis… nevermind


Thinking Bomber feels guilty about the boys because he basically introduced Robinson, and by extension Dank, to the club. ■■■■ seeing him like this.


Wouldn’t have a clue mate. Live here but not from here.
Truth biting a bit is it.


Me, the missus and our kid/my nephew, are just looking to move somewhere where the laws are more, you know… flexible.

Must be a bummer not having your own AFL team though … just not financially viable when half the state can go to a game on one family ticket, I spose


Not sure if solace was sought just from the burden of the saga.


Very true. He was/has been dealing with multiple demons.


Hirdy & Fletch did a commentators night a few weeks ago in South Morang. I wasn’t there but was told from someone who was that they implied it was the Weapon that was the main issue. That it was he who was dodgy and that Dank is a bit of a scapegoat. Has anyone heard this before?


No but most of us thought it.

And given that Vlad showered him with $$$ later pretty much confirmed it.


Handelsman may have been referring to settlement of his witness expenses. But much more for writing the IAAF paper


It’s quite sad what’s happened to Bomber but I don’t think he has ever had much regard for the truth.


Bomber has lived life on the edge from his playing days - Undoubtedly the saga would have affected the balance in his life.


Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if his legal team find a way and he doesn’t do time.

Our Justice system, Just Ice often somehow finds a way to come up with a decision which has me shaking my head and saying, “what the f…!!” This could be one of those.


Sadly, Bomber will be very lucky, winning the lotto lucky, if he doesn’t do time. How well known is Bomber in Victoria through AFL and the supplements saga. Can he get a fair trial? A lot of people already think he is as guilty as sin because of the supplements saga and would like to see the book thrown at him.

Bandy around the word drug dealer and Bomber’s name in the same sentence they won’t hear the words drug user. People won’t buy it especially with the company Bomber was keeping and he acknowledged he was afraid. Once you are hooked in its very, very, hard to get unhooked. Many will think, he did it at Essendon and now he’s done it again. People make assumptions based on linking connections. And; the amount of gear he had in a safe in his bedroom which he said was for his private use, would a jury buy it? Maybe, maybe not.

Jail would not be a good place for Bomber. I hope the cards fall his way and that he has the best lawyer in the game to defend him. His fall from grace has been nothing short of spectacular and it saddens me. He needs help and support I hope he gets both.


Good to see you keep it in the family. But if you’re involving your nephew as well then I reckon you need professional help not flexible laws.
And why the problem with Tasmania? Wife come down on a girls weekend or something?


Sorry, was on the beers last night and thought it a good idea to throw around some lame Tassie jokes. No offence TH.

Don’t drink and Blitz kids.


From what I have read in the media reports there is no evidence Bomber was a drug dealer. That is, no evidence he actually sold drugs to another person. Having a set of scales is one thing but actually proving possession of scales is the same as dealing in drugs is quite another. Therefore, based on what has been reported, and remembering Bomber is not being prosecuted before CAS, I am expecting (hoping) he will be ok.