Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


He is lucky that the evidence was contaminated. it would have been hard to prove 800grams was personal use. As it is, there was still a substantial amount of drugs tendered in the charges.


Wouldn’t the prosecution have to prove 88 grams was NOT for personal use? Remember, this is an Australian Magistrate and not CAS where the defendant has to prove innocence.


No. Once you go over a certain amount, it’s considered trafficking.


Drug user has drug dealer/s dealing out of a common abode. Quantity of drugs in a lock safe with scales, pipes and plastic bags “supposedly” with Bomber’s DNA.

A lot of drugs for private use. Or do they have to prove Bomber was somehow involved in dealing drugs by his house mate and partner? Or is it on the amount of drugs found? How do you get someone out of your home and off your property, when you are afraid of them and what might happen if you try? The one thing many people DON’T DO is go to the Police. Been there done that one and its a difficult when you might feel like you’ve got a gun to your head whether it is actually there or not.

And; it is easy when you are wiped out and feeling shattered as he was from the saga, to be taken advantage of and manipulated when he was at his most vulnerable state feeling isolated and friendless. It had been reported he was doing it tough and rough.

Surely, Bomber’s honesty would have to count for something. I don’t now how much support he had or has now. I hope its plenty. I hope your friends come out of the woodwork to be there for you Bomber. Lots of prayers coming your way Bomber, fingers crossed. You deserve another chance at life and happiness.


Don’t forget that Bomber was sharing his place with others…


Yes Bomber was sharing the space with others and those others, were both known drug dealers. Bomber may not have known that information then or, he may have been in such a brain foggy space he didn’t care and was glad of the company which may go against him or if he has a very smart lawyer who is clever at linguistics it may work in his favour. It depends on who the judge is and I hope he has the best lawyer in the business with connections. Because it matters.


Or…he was stuck. This happens far more easily than people realise. You can get caught up in an irreversible trap - like a lobster in a lobster pot - and it’s all downhill from there. I know this very well. The only way out is an extremely difficult one to negotiate.


Yes that’s what I was trying to say and you said it for me. Its a hell of a place to be in and its takes more than you think you have to climb out and obstacles everywhere.


What I’m saying is the drug taking and the saga are not related, he was doing drugs back in the Geelong days, he was always going to end up where he is


I think that’s simplifying things a tad and is full of assumptions.


His parents and kids were in court yesterday.
Good to see they’re supporting him


Pretty well all drug dealers do it for the money. Didn’t Bomber make millions on that property deal down Torquay way? He is also would have been on close to a million a year in his last couple of years at the Cats & at the Bombers also (probably earnt more than Jimmy, as he was better credentialed at the time).

Might have had the drugs in his safe, in his room, but with the dodgy characters he was hanging around with, surely not even the cops truly believe he was selling drugs for money.

Personal use I can see, dealing drugs, no way.


The quantity of drugs in possession is always a tricky issue. Going over the weight to become a trafficker certainly should be argued that it doesn’t make you one.

This is the one time it goes against people with money and fame. Most users buy just enough to get high for the now. Simply don’t have the resources to afford anything more, will cheat, lie and steal for their next hit.

Those with money and fame, well they don’t want to be exposing themselves to the risks of buying their drugs daily, they have the access to cash to buy their preferred drug to last them months. So it could and should be argued that the amount of drugs were for his personal use as he had the resources to afford his habit and did it in a way not to be exposed.

Either way it’s terribly sad and I really hope he and his family come out of this whole thing ok.


I hate how he is blaming us for his drug use, in particular ICE. I recall Costa (Geelong President at the time of his tenure there) saying he was concerned with Bombers behaviour and what not in his last couple of years there.

No one forced him to use it. Could have just gone the nob-drug route.


There actually is NO proof of that. A lot of assumptions and guess work but no proof and Bomber has shown himself to be a bit eccentric anyway.


Bombers explanation that he has the scales to weigh the drugs he has been given is laughable. Is he really going to go home, weigh his drugs, and if he’s a few gms off politely request the dealer tops him up?


Hes seemed off the rails for a while. A commercial quantity of drugs, scales and empty unused bags doesn’t look goid


Reading this article on Bomber I would say that he is taking responsibility for his actions.

The first step is always to own it and he is doing that. No one can change what they refuse to accept.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

GOD Good Orderly Direction.


when a supplier is also your boarder, it would be entirely sensible to keep scales at home.


He admitted he used the scales himself. He didn’t say the scales were his boarders did he?


That’s right Alex, Bomber said they were his scales. But so what? The point is, however, it was perfectly sensible to have them at home when his boarder may well have also been his supplier. You on the other hand argued because Bomber had scales at home it somehow proved he was a supplier.