Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”

It is?

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To make sure you are getting what you paid for. Its like checking your change & a valid reason for having scales IMO


There is an element of betrayal in this - betrayal by those at his club. At the Crichton he seemed to have been assured by some at the club that he was going to be the head coach in 2015- as evidenced from his statement that he was going to be number 1 or nothing. That left him without the option to continue at Essendon in any other capacity. Too late he realised that he was being used by others.


On the stuff well before the saga.
Weird unit.

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Danny FFF ucknn Frawley was told to take control of the Essendon Coaches what about helping them , you wanker.


Yeah Frawley was probably the worst of the lot given his position at the time, he should be very careful crying foul.


Belongs in the FLOG thread.


Did u read the whole article

It’s clarkson who’s the flog.
And the AFL

Speaking on the In The Game Podcast, former Saints great Danny Frawley reveals how he and Hawthorn senior coach Alistair Clarkson’s relationship broke down.

Frawley was a former specialist defensive coach under Clarkson with the Hawks before moving on to become the CEO of the AFL Coaches Association. It was in his time at the Coaches Association where they began to have a difference of opinion.

When the Essendon doping saga came to surface, Clarkson, among other coaches thought that Frawley could do more as the CEO of the association to denounce the Essendon coaches involved.

However, as an employee of the Coaches Association, he had to first and foremost look after the well being of the coaches they represent.

“I was on an island because I had Clarko and Ross and all the other coaches saying, ‘How can you deal with the Essendon coaches?’,” Frawley said.

“But the number one thing on our mission statement was to look after the welfare of person. I was out there walking laps of The Tan with James (Hird), wanting to know how his welfare was.”

Their discontent with the situation lead to an independent review and eventually Frawley losing his position as CEO in part due to Clarkson’s actions.

“So for three years there, I had a huge grudge against Alastair and Mark Brayshaw to a certain degree, because he did the independent review and he took over as CEO, so I was left without the job that I loved,” Frawley said.

Frawley also mentioned some of the mental issues he was dealing with around that time that he went on to deal with. However, he wasn’t aware he had the issues at the time and it impacted him.


And people want that prick Clarko at our club as coach. Yeah no thanks.


The welfare of the Essendon coaches should have been the number one consideration at that point in time for the CEO of the coaches’ association. Frawley failed miserably in that regard, publicly at least. Sounds like he was more concerned with keeping Clarkson happy, who in turn was wanting Hird and co. strung up from the nearest tree. This from a man who’s happy to punch holes in walls and abuse junior umpires. AFL bully boys club. Has anything changed?


And had a couple of his premiership team players actually dealing performance enhancing drugs…look over there !!! Clarkson is a farkin flog alright and an A Grade kent.


Hawks were allegedly micro-doping testosterone

Half the league was pushing the envelope.

Them amongst other clubs needed Essendon to take the fall, be the scalp AFL was happy to hand over so ASADA wouldn’t come after them.


And Essendon were allegedly doping with thymosin beta.

I hate Hawthorn. I REALLY hate them. But, I don’t believe either Hawthorn or Essendon were deliberately and systematically giving their players anything they thought was illegal.

I can accept ignorance and/or incompetence could lead to systemic, club-driven doping. I can also accept that individual players (or groups of players) could secretly choose to dope. But, I don’t think any AFL club would choose to systematically dope their players (at least not in the era we’re talking about).

Personal opinion, obviously.

You don’t believe Hawthorn were not doing worse than we were…???

Let you remind me of this fawning news report that told us Hawks set the pace in injections:

“Groundbreaking Orthokine therapy, which involves a series of blood injections, … the Hawks are at the forefront of a movement…”


Albert, I didn’t make any statements related to “who was worse” in my post.

All I was saying is that I don’t think either club deliberately chose to systematically dope using substances they KNEW to be illegal.

As I said, it’s my personal opinion.

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Just another reason to dislike the Dawks…and their bogan coach.

“The family club”.

The AFL experts and primed in intimidation techniques. One against the other.

Many people at the time, were talking about Danny Frawley and his lack of availability and attention to Essendon Coaches. The CEO of the Coaches Association, Danny Frawley says he was going through his own dark night of the soul and apparently, was not a well man or was that a ploy so he became unavailable??? Its hard to know when you are dealing with AFL and war games. Frawley leaving his position for someone else to claim and leaving the Essendon coaches in no man’s land? Remember there weren’t too many AFL coaches who were there in any shape or form for any of the Essendon coaching staff or staff.

Coaches and the AFL became very chummy, while the media blamed and screamed for
blood. Those with half a creative imagination, who watched the AFL’s behaviour throughout the Saga, were not strangers to the way the ranks closed shop and left others ripe for the picking. Did the AFL put targets on certain people’s backs, you betcha’. Some of us, will never forget how the truth was manipulated and distorted and some of us were not fooled or bribed.


and just how many Essendon coaches were charged by ASADA??? the rest of the coaches association should hang their heads in shame for judging their fellow members so harshly & not supporting them …


Shouldn’t they jail that ■■■■ Whately for waving around the LEAKED ASADA interim report (containing information subject to legislative secrecy laws) on TV like some kind of a hero?


This crap will go on forever, until it is proven to be the sad situation that it is.