Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Simple solution. Just stop eating.

Like Jobe.


Just to highlight how ludicrous this situation is Big Al, the navy has recently come out and essentially banned the use of sports supplements by sailors, due to the fact that the products listed on the side do not always cover all compounds within the supplement and that something like 70% of all supplements sold in pharmacies, health food stores, sporting supplement stores and supermarkets would result in a positive test for athletes under WADA. Even more worrying they could produce a positive test for illicit substances in relation to workplace testing i.e. steroids or worse. Not only that but an athlete could do full due diligence and cross every listed substance off the side of the container as WADA approved and still fail a test from that “safe” supplement. This means that for many athletes out there, even at the lowest levels of competition, there is a very high chance that if they consume any off the shelf supplement then they are doping and could fail a drug test. This isn’t even about an athlete looking for a competitive advantage, but simply one trying to maintain good health.


If you want to know what a couple of Premiership winning clubs were up to just Google a couple of old newspaper articles.

  1. Jesper Fjeldstad, February 9, 2013 “Adelaide Crows won '98 premiership on supplement that carries a warning on WADA website”. Programme controlled by Dr. Brian Sando, ex- ASADA, WADA and AOC.
    The supplement used was Colostrum, not illegal but contains IGF-1 and other GROWTH FACTORS (hormones) , which are illegal and can influence the outcome of anti-doping tests. A Crows insider said it proved how fine the line was.

Remember the Crows in 1997 and 1998 won both grand finals easily.

  1. Samantha Lane, September 25, 2012 “Hawks set the pace in injection science” Orthokine or blood spinning therapy.
    In the first para she cites “but in AFL football injecting is a burgeoning business” Interview with Dr Paul Marks on using
    ultrasound-guided injections. Also spinning and and banking of players blood. Hawks were injecting between 2008 and 2012. Certainly set them up for their 4 flags. The FDA has never given Orthokine therapy the green Light " still experimental"

The AFL and their PR firm The Age hammered home the idea Essendon’s programme was totally rogue and by inference, every other club was squeaky clean. I wonder if the AFL and ASADA agreed that Essendon would take the fall for the whole competition. No other investigations to be held.

Remember when the the other clubs, led by Peter Gordon threatened us with expulsion from the league if we sued the AFL just before the penalties in August 2013.


The WADA strict liability rule for athletes is a cop out. WADA is in bed with Big Pharma, as witnessed by the meldonium ban. The patent was held by a Lithuanian company, it was a substance commonly used by Northern European athletes, could not be purchased in the US.
And WADA enters into some sort of financial deal with Big Pharma. Institutional integrity !


Don’t know what others believe, but I DO believe that they made us take the fall for all the others.


We were tested by the AFL before the blackest day in sport so we were the AFL’s safest option.


I agree, and the context is if Demetriou had not panicked and had not wanted to serve his ALP mates the AFL would not have needed a fall guy. Of course if Evans had listened to his doctors and coach we would have been ok regardless.

Furthermore, after going through Bruce Francis’ dissection of the CAS decision I still believe the players were not administered a banned substance.

Finally the garbage printed about the players’ health being jeopardised has not been proven by events; four years later and nothing.


Lol, … and the US Navy still feeds it’s pilots Methamphetamine or “Speed” of some sort during long shifts of continuous sorties doesn’t it?


WADA’s reach does extend to support staff beyond those directly supplying and trafficking. In the Bruyneel case ( connected to Armstrong) CAS confirmed USDA 's right to suspend a team director, trainer and physician , for having encouraged and facilitated the use of WADA banned drugs at US Postal Services and Discovery.
Of course, none of that could be applied to Hird, Bomber, Danny or Doc Reid.


Post bookmarked. Makes a major point, and makes it clearly, & concisely.



That’s a good reason to get and expert in who makes or gets his supplements from a compounding pharmacist.


Terms of reference on the sports integrity review are now up on the Health site.
On matters doping:

  • capability of ASADA and Australia’s sports sector to address contemporary doping threats, including the anti- doping rules violation process and opportunities for improvement
  • merits of national sports integrity tribunal as a single independent body for doping and other sports integrity issues
  • consider options for structural changes to current sports integrity arrangements Including the merits of establishing a dedicated national sports integrity commission or something similar


That first point could be a can of worms for them and allow some evidence of The Saga to show what a debacle it currently is.

Let’s not forget Bock. An obvious case of doping, with evidence and never prosecuted. Why?


It may depend on how widely the the panel casts the net in relation to definitions of integrity, for instance if it goes beyond doping and match fixing to unfairness in the application of the rules or unfairness in the rules themselves.


Alan Jones was at our local cafe in Bowral this morning
Had my Bombers membership hoody on & as he was walking out he said to me “Go Bombers eh”
I told him thanks for at least sticking up for our boys thru the last few years

I know he’s a divisive figure but I’ve bumped into him a few times around town & anyone that spoke up for the 34 is OK by me


The same operation as with Dean Robinson, ASADA reached an “understanding with the AFL.”

Essendon was “the chosen one” for the fall from grace. Players and staff. The club paid a financial price yes but; the club is an entity under the auspices of the AFL. The Executives in Management at the EFC were actually rewarded for failing and then, succeeded elsewhere. It was only while working at the EFC they went off the rails. Really? I find that fascinating, was that the job they were employed to do? The payment of fines for the EFC was not shameful or personal for the club. Unlike the Coach, his assistant coaches, the fitness staff and the players.

Who was in charge of the shredding machine? No one knows?

Dank and Hird became the bad guys and Robinson, totally escaped sanction. Jobe became the other target for the players, in the same way Hird had for the EFC. The AFL came out of the saga smelling like roses but the stench remains.

Its not over.


The AIS defines integrity as the integration of outward actions with inner values. The AFL Commission - as a value free organisation - should have no problem meeting AIS integrity definitions.
I would like to see Gil try to articulate what he considers to be AFL Commission inner values.


I would like him to articulate period.


they were all investigated if they had done anything wrong they would have been sanctioned !!


Roco has a bit of a vent re: Caro in the latest footyology podcast.

Don’t have time to transcribe, but worth a listen from about the 38 min mark.

Starts with discussion re: her agenda pushing NM to the Gold Coast back in the day and ends up with discussion with her pro AFL stance with the sorry saga.