Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


Portable stands?


No almost about it. By my count we can’t afford to lose a single game against anyone we ‘should beat’ and probably need to sneek an upset, maybe two.

Crows turning it around last week and getting up last night makes it tough from here even if we don’t trip on some low hanging fruit.

I suspect the crows away game will be the defining game of the season. Freo in Perth will be crucial too


If we believe we should win even without then (and I agree) they shouldn’t be automatic. You only do that if you are real desperate to keep the season alive.

No point risking them only to blow up the rest of the year. Shiel comes back if true it wasn’t a tear, Stringer one more week, Raz as long as it takes to keep him right.


It’s at Marvel?

Why the hell do we play Lions and the G and Haw at Marvel? FMD.

In that case I’d make sure to get there early, we’ve sold out against the Hawks before.


I’d only play them if they are 100% ready to go, that’s the assumption. For me the risk is making too many changes at once and bringing in 3 guys who haven’t played for 3-4 weeks, upsetting the continuity, etc.
But for those 3 guys, it’s automatic. Especially when we could do with a boost in winning the ball in the middle, delivery into 50 and dangerous forward options.


I’ll add that I think this might be a 13 wins to make it year.

So we can’t afford to lose a single game against opposition below is on the ladder (we have 5 more including Hawthorn). That would mean we need 3 wins from the following:

Eagles (a)
Gws (h)
Port (h)
Crows (a)

We’re going to need to bank a win against port, cause at least one upset and beat Freo away to make it.

I think it’s very a tall order.

I think it is quite likely we’ll fall a game short. Our slow start, the pathetic performance against Sydney and some shoddy umpiring will see us miss.


I think it was Rossoneri who stated that myself and Stander were two of the few Worsfold backers. I’m not and think there are certainly better coaches around but I also think you need good reason to sack people and pay them out.

We are where I thought we’d be and if I was tipping prior to the season I suspect the only ‘upsets’ are a loss to St Kilda and a win against the Dees which evens it out. No Daniher or Fanta and recently Stringer gives us a very bottom half forward line. I’d hoped that we win some games out of turn but I aren’t surprised that we haven’t.

I would drop Francis as he isn’t a forward and I would make him force his way into our back 3 (Hurls, Chook, Paddy) who have been excellent. I’d also drop Begley as I think he was bought back too quickly and has looked a bit out of his depth

In: Shiel, Stringer
Out: Francis, Begley

I’m assuming these two are fit and Fanta isn’t. I am a big Ridley fan so I’d look at ways of getting him in depending on match ups and like him as a player more than Francis at this stage.


Francis has kicked 1 goal in 4 weeks.
He goes out as soon as anyone else is fit.


Has been a major part in goal assists though. Since he moved forward at least


Not really

6 goal assists in the (correction - my mistake) 5 weeks since he’s been back, along with 1 goal 2 behinds

Blitz wants Bags cannoned because he’s “only” kicked 10 goals and assisted 5 more in his 9 games


One of our better wins against them, albeit a decade ago. Knocking off reigning premiers by 9 goals.


In- Shiel Stringer
Out- Bags Francis.


So potentially the last game against Collingwood could decide if we make finals?

I actually think we may beat the Giants at Marvel.


If we’re serious about playing finals - then this is a must after seeing their horrible form away from home.


We will need to improve 130 per cent to beat the Giants I think


Or we rely on Giants to be 130% worse.


I think we should beat Hawks, Swans, Suns, Port and we’re due the Doggies too.

We’re in for a good chance against Giants, Freo And Pies.

I think we’ll drop the games against Eagles and Crows - and think North may roll us second time around.

Should be very tight for us but we still have the opportunity.


Too many variables to predict that many outcomes in advance. Agree with the last sentence.




I know, I know!

But they usually do try and play their grand final against us and they ■■■■ the bed earlier this year.

Very happy to be totally wrong on that one!