Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


Yer, though they are playing much better, we just can’t drop that one.


The last couple of years we’ve gone into the bulldogs game with everybody here saying they’re junk and we will beat them easy. Every year though they absolutely smash us in the midfield on the spread. So you will forgive me if im extremely wary about this one


Norf will struggle mightily now Higgins is injured.


I just don’t know what you’re basing this on. We have been horrible since Anzac Day. Even our wins against Fremantle and Carlton have been awful games of football.

Are you saying because we finished well last season, we are going to finish well again this season? I’m genuinely not having a go at you, I just don’t see it. I think it’s a very difficult fixture.

I can see us beating Suns, and 50/50 against Kangaroos & Bulldogs. But based on our form, I don’t see how your so confident against the others.


How about we just wait till after the Hawthorn game ?
Will tell us a little bit more.
A win has us at 6-6 with a chance.

Not sure why you would downgrade the Freo win.
We were 26 up before some woeful umpiring, and they have been quite impressive since.


Would it be reasonable to think the winner of us V dawks may play finals and the other won’t?


Nope not basing it on our run last year at all.

I think Hawks have been ordinary and their injuries seem worse than ours, Suns have been rubbish, we match up very well against Port (especially at Marvel), we match up well against Sydney and play decent footy at the G and Doggies have been equally inconsistent so I’m swaying on the side of winning against them.

The ones we could win are against teams that we do match up okay against usually. Giants (round 1 smashing was an exception rather than a pattern), Freo are struggling with many key injuries and we match up well against the Pies, can’t see why we don’t have a chance against them (though they’re clearly favourites).

I think we’ll cop a bit of a belting against the Crows and Eagles.


I think it’s reasonable to think both teams will miss out


You compress the 25k whoreforn supporters into the urinals.


One of us will be in the 8 after next weekend. And looking at the rest of the comp Id say in with a decent shot of staying there.


We’ll just be out of the 8 - won’t we? Freo play Port and both are at 24 points. So one of those will round off the 8.


Ah yeah absolutely right.


I think it’s a win. Dawk fans don’t go to Docklands.


Great game, the noise when we put them to the sword in the last quarter was nuts.

You could tell everyone in that stadium wanted to beat Hawthorn so badly, we had been beaten up by them for the last 4 years prior to this game.


Then flush


We are a bogie team for Port.


Makes me happy just reading that.

After what Port used to do to us all through the 00’s, now port fans look at us with the same dread.

We aren’t even with them though til we pull there fkn pants down in a final, actually it would be more than fitting if we broke our finals duck against them.


Still have nightmares about that period. The game changed and Sheedy didnt move with the times. Reckon their players went extra hard in these games because of the almighty wallopings we gave them when they first came into the comp.


They were kicking our backsides from the off. We’d better them half the time, but they more than held their own.


Looking back through the games now, you’re right. Not sure why I’m remembering our early games against Port as thumpings. Maybe a case of rewriting history the way I thought it should have been?