Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


Don’t be surprised if Fanta plays this one, then has a rest for the WCE trip


I don’t hate this idea. Play him this week in the more “winnable” game (if he’s fit). Let him skip the following week on the hard surface and then he’ll be fresh for GWS.


This idea is bullshit. What is wrong with a back pocket, half back flanker?
Luke Hodge dominated the competition for the last decade from a back pocket/flank with the occassional run in the middle. Ever heard of Gavin Wanganeen?

If McGrath’s best position is as a defender or if this is where he is best needed by the team at the time then that is where he plays. The idea or notion that just because he is not a pure midfielder then he has less value as a draft pick is utter crap. Players develop (and also lose attributes) over there career and can be more suited in different positions at different times.


I’d think

Begley out Stringer in
McNiece out Shiel in
Baguley out Fantasia in (if Fantasia comes in)


Gotta love the Blitz… 0 to 100 outrage for suggesting that it would be nice to see McGrath play more midfield where he could get more of the ball and maybe be more attacking.

What a farking outrage to suggest a thing… how farking dare I? What was I thinking?


He’s been playing mostly wing/midfield this year?


Yes, and I would like to see him continue there rather than be pushed back into defense - team balance permitting.

Apparently, that is an outrageous suggestion to some… oh well.


There’s nothing wrong with being a half back flanker. Nobody is suggesting there is.

The point is we don’t know what his best position is. Just because he’s played well in defence doesn’t mean he wont turn into an even better midfielder. The midfield is a spot that some players take a little longer to develop in. A lot of the best midfielders start in the forward line or defence.


Ever heard of Ablett, Judd, Voss, Harvey, Dangerfield, Mitchell, Cotchin, Cousins etc etc…?
Are you seriously suggesting that, all else being equal, that back pockets/flankers have had just as much influence on the game as fulltime mids?

Is there really anything wrong with wanting to see if McGrath can play midfield where he could influence the game even more?


Ins: Blumfield, Heffernan, Caracella.
Outs: J Murphy, M Allan, S Camporeale.


Why is he special.


I was thinking this, but too afraid to pen it down from fear of being attacked.

You may get away with it though, with your higher profile on Blitz.


So basically Daniher and Smith missing from the best 22. And Gleeson also in the wings.


Before I click like, are you talking 1st listing Heffernan or 2nd time around Heffernan?


You don’t know???


Hodge says hi

In a different team or at another time he would have been a Jet as a fulltime mid
Due to the players they had in their midfield and his particular skillset he was utilised as a defender and will go down as one of the best
I am 100% certain that McGrath can play full time mid (given time) but how many of our other mids can be as good elsewhere as he is in defence?
If thats where he is needed (I don’t really think it is atm) thats where he should play


Hi, Hodge.
Now fark orf.


First. Lol.


Liked. :laughing:


I get that McGrath could be really important to us as a mid. And if that’s where he ends up permanently then great. Someone with his footy smarts and skills in the guts is a massive weapon for us.
But equally, there is nothing wrong with him playing most of his time as a defender. Stopping the opposition kicking goals is a key part of winning. And it’s not as if defenders can’t be dangerous and attacking by moving the ball out of defence. Which he does. Agree with Saad and McKenna we are not lacking down back. It’s just the principal that someone like McGrath could be equally as effective for us down back and you play them where it gives the side the best chance to win.