Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


Bomb Doe, you are much too level headed and logical for this forum. But don’t go, we need you !


Backline is settled.
If Saad or McKenna went down then there may be an argument of him spending more time back.

At the moment Redman, Saad and McKenna have it covered with cameos from Guelfi.
And Gleeson and Ridley waiting for an opportunity

I see McGrath as more of a inside player/on the ball not a winger.
My argument would be put him on the ball more rather than being wasted on the wing.

I guess we still need to work out our best mid combinations


don’t want him to be an expensive (No 1 pick) half back/back pocket for much longer.”

is the idea/notion that is bullshit, not McGrath playing some midfield.

> Is there really anything wrong with wanting to see if McGrath can play midfield where he could influence the game even more? - That is not what you originally said.


Worsfold seems to have a basic philosophy that almost every player on the field needs to be able to do several roles. As for midfielders there are only 3 that are either on the bench or in the midfield, but most who rotate through there have an alternate “resting” position.
But the current argument about McGrath may be irrelevant anyway. It may be Guelfi / McKenna who rotate down back, while McGrath stays on the wing. In either case it does no harm for McGrath to be included in that rotation. Surely.


I see where you’re coming from - I’m just not fussed if he plays the odd one there.

The coaches seem big on players being flexible, not being pigeon holed (hence why we occasionally also see Zaha at HB, and so on). They don’t vary positions/roles a ton in-game, but they do swap a fair bit week to week.

McGrath’s played a few weeks at half back, but most of them on the wing/midfield. I don’t think there’s any real negative ramifications to that.


If anyone is going to be Pigeon-holed, surely its McGrath.


I don’t know why some Blitzers want to have an argument over semantics… this is a football thread, not a legal contract.

If he plays more mid than halfback, he gets more touches, sets up more scores, has more impact on the game = we get more value from him…

And it’s not like we’re light on for halfbacks either. Calling him a potentially expensive halfback is a tongue in cheek way of saying we’re likely to get more value from him if he plays more in the middle. But if he has a career like Hodge, no one’s going to complain.

What i said is not bullshit or crap… it’s a rationale argument that is supported by the large number of star, early draft pick mids, as compared to star halfbacks/back pockets, that have played the game. You don’t agree, I get it… let’s move on.




On AFL website, Campbell Brown “it’s going to be a tough game and the hawks are tougher”.


That flog almost ruined our 121 point victory over Frankston in round one. Luckily he was bad enough to get dropped to the AFL.


so that it now matches Campbell Brown’s expertise


Andy needs to go CHF and pinch hitting in the ruck


With Clarke being too hard to drop and Langford, McGrath and Parish cementing their place (obviously Shiel and Hepp are locks too) does anyone think Zaka could finally feel the pinch?


C’mon mate you were never one to sell yourself ‘short’. :slight_smile:


Not playing the same role at all


not with those pics he wont be


That unfortunate “Salami” line will haunt me forever on Blitz it seems :man_facepalming:t2:


How games has Begley played beside both Walla and Fantasia? He could really excel when oppositions have other matters to deal with


Fire in the belly, media calling us weak and we’re playing Hawthorn.

Ambrose Hurley Saad
McKenna Hooker Redman
McGrath Shiel Heppell
TBC Clarke Parish
Merrett Stringer Zaka
Fantasia Smack Walla
Guelfi Langford Laverde Begley

Merrett, Zaka and Shiel must play more minutes pure small fwd. (not for a breather)
Brown to come in for Laverde or Begley against Eagles. (Whoever kicks straighter + tackles i50 stays)
Gleeson and Ridley to put pressure on Guelfi, McKenna and Redman.
Francis as key position backup. (4 week boot camp)
Baguley as small forward backup. (easy money Fantasia misses another 3+ games)
Myers as midfield back up.


Maybe Im severely overrating our list (unlikely given Im mostly a pessimist) but if we dont beat Hawthorn on Friday with the team we put out (I am assuming Shiel is fit) then there is something seriously wrong with our playing list and the coaching staff need to be immediately walked out after the final siren.