Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


Smith perma forward is an interesting suggestion. He’s definitely not having the impact he was last season in the middle - we could use him up forward.

More than anything we seem to lack a willingness to work and compete up forward. That’s why Baguley will and should be an inclusion, and potentially Smith could help set the standard.


MYERSEY will stay in and we’ll


We lost to bottom side and worst on ground was Myers, and this off a weeks rest

They have to drop him

Unacceptable level of performance for a young player in midfield rotations let alone a senior experienced leader

Irrespective of Clarke’s kicking its time he came in. He can look to handball off more often than not. And just tackle & contest hard like he does.


Fixed (Ham was really the least effective- but agree that he needs more games)


I agree they won’t do it but I don’t understand why. It’s got to be worth a try for a month in the AFL surely. Clarke can’t be worse.

Is Clarke just another O’Brien?


I reckon throw Smith up forward with Bags and Tippa and just tell them to not worry about goals so much and just focus on pressure, aim for 30 tackles between them.

We need to show some intent when the ball hits the deck. It’s been coming out of our forward 50 quicker than it has been coming in


You’d have to assume they’re going to delist Clarke at the end of this year without ever having given him a go. Surely now you give him a month to find out for sure one way or another… if we do that and he’s crap at least everyone knows for sure


champion data/dream team

SuperCoach - more weighted on effectiveness

Just embarrassing really


Yep. We are neither bringing the ball to ground nor keeping it in there. It’s been diabolical.

We had TWENTY i50s in the fourth quarter last week


Yep- pretty damming. I just really went off disposals. Have seen the coaches point of view some weeks for keeping him- you can’t throw small kids into a game to be destroyed but this week it’s time for Clarke/Begley/Parish to midfield.


They cant drop him though, its bad optics if they do, questions about why he is in the leadership geoup start, why has he been “managed” twice already etc etc.

People need to get with it, myers is never going ro be dropped, if you think that, you are only hurting yourself whwn it turns out he isnt dropped.

Remember, worsfold rhinks we are tracking nicely , so why exactly is he going to change anything ??


Just watched the interview with Woosha on talking footy. He is not a boat rocker in fact seems like he is not the type of bloke to question the AFL, a good AFL man. He does think we are tracking nicely.

All I can say is, I think I need to go to Specsavers.


He deserves a run. He’s getting tagged in the VFL and still racking up numbers. This weekend it will be 12 months since his AFL debut. Surely he’d grab his opportunity by the balls.


I don’t think season has been as dire as some make out (not that it has been good!) - I think full panic stations rebuild calls are premature- but we’ve lost two weeks running due to the same issue.

It’s partly personel, but we also need a bit of creativity and acumen from the coaches to get us scoring again.

If we can’t adjust then there’s a very good chance we lose again on the weekend to a well drilled back six.


I hope it’s possible that our skills can greatly improve ahead of this game. Fremantle have improved their defensive structure and we will need to dispose efficiently to breakthrough. 3 weeks of inability to kick a winning score all while being provided enough opportunities.


Who knows. Anyone who can rack it up 30 times is worth a crack over a guy who’s getting it 12 times


Nah he slightly questioned the afl, but its not worth his time going to the afl foe clarification on things.

Which coule be a dig at the fact he woulsnt get a straight answer, or that he just cant be bothered 2ith a facet of his job


I don’t understand the concerns about D Clarke’s kicking. He should fit right in. How can it be any worse than what’s being dished up week after week?

Our best kicker can’t even hit a target from the kick out.


I was 2 in 87 and in 54 my dad wasn’t even born so I feel young whatever the answer is haha


Didn’t someone post stats earlier in the week suggesting Myers spent most of his time forward? Maybe we go Myers for Begley?