Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


We need a new coach not new specs


Begley is surely due.

I would prefer him up forward but either there or midfield.

He is exactly what we need now. Youth, hunger and hardness.


Could play fwd pocket.

But averaging 13 disposals in VFL isn’t going to get him a midfield spot in the seniors (*yes… I know, some senior players, etc…).


Thank you I thought I had an eye problem.


‘Taberner…turns around, oh don’t tell me, nails it, his sixth! It’s all working for the Dockers here tonight!’


If you do your definitely not on your pat malone


Its enough to earn Myers a litetime contract at EFC


Please watch the VFL or read those threads. He is badly out of form at the moment. Would need a few good weeks to be considered.


We really need to go on a 5 wins out of 6 type run starting with Freo. Lesss goooo!!


I feel its BIG BOI time



The forward structure falling apart is key to our losses. Both in scoring ability but also in allowing time for defence to setup effectively.

Pearce is a very very good kpd. As is Hamling.

We have to hit them with our best kpf options available. So that’s means Hooker and Daniher.

We also have to be a million times better at leading up at ball carrier so that mids can lower eyes to hit up shorter targets. Otherwise Ryan or whoever is spare will just intercept all day again.

Looking at Freo’s side last week it was really just Taberner/Hogan duo with med/smalls around them.

Ambrose, Hurley & Francis can get it done.

If they’d rather someone taller on Taberner + Ambrose to go to Hogan then Harts has to come in, Francis out.

OUT: Zlarke, Myers, Fanta … Francis
IN: Daniher, Dlarke/Lang, Baguley… Hartley


More often than not blokes are selected from the vfl in no form whatsoever


Dont worry about hambling. Worry about Luke Ryan. He will get it 35 times from the backline. He’s a out and out gun


Yeah I’d just added him in as you posted.

Having a similar impact to Stewart at Cats. We can’t afford to have him roaming freely either.


Pearce is currently AA and ryan is just about there. They will cause us headaches


I understand the need for VFL form and all that, but sometimes, ■■■■ it. Some people have the ability to step up and play on the big stage and struggle in the VFL. Some people are burst/impact players that only need a quarter to play their role.


To quote the great AI… what we talkin about, practice!!!


How patient will the match committee be? Do they think we are ok and just need a tweak to get it to where they want it to be? Or do they think it needs some significant remodelling and bring in some fresh faces to see if it helps?

From the Worsfold interview last night he spoke about having the team play together for a long time. I get that and think that is important. But it has to be the best 22-26 or so that will be there when you are going to have a crack. No point playing those who are not in that group.


In: a free flowing game without any make it up as you go rules.

Out: the AFL script influencing the outcome

I’d like this so if I go to the footy and sit in my second level Highmark seat, I dont feel I’ve been ripped off by the system


I just read that with Dennis Commettis commentry …


Lucky you, my mind went full Basil.