Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


Myers up forward cost us a goal on the weekend. Clear crumbers opportunity wasted because it fell in the lap of the slowest, most one sided player in the league.


Out Raz, Myers, Z.Clarke
In Begley, D.Clarke, Daniher


You are right Doe that the TF interview showed Worsfold’s preference for minimising changes among a group that he is trying to settle as he thinks they will be successful.

So at most it will be Joe, Bags & Ridley for ZClarke, Ham and Fanta.


Is there a link to the talking footy interview?


EFC homepage



Is it possible that Myers was promised post the saga that he would never again be omitted if he returned to the club?




Matt Dea for some honest grit and hardness, instead of that cream puff Francis


Lucky you, I had Dwayne Russell yelling at me


I hope not

But that would explain the dropping of himself last year


message deleted



Harts needs to come in and play back. To allow hooker fwd. We need two decent marking fwds. Jd and hooker will provide that.

Frances attack on the footy has been lackluster. Unfortunately he goes out, as does Fanta unfortunately. Clark must also go out as he is a spud bring in mynott


Regarding the last bit - Mynott may still not be quite right, though I would like to see him get a run.
And don’t you think that Francis needs a bit more of a run than a couple of games?



Francis, ■■■■ weak again
Clarke, never to be seen again


D Clarke

What’s likely to happen baguley for raz


I can’t believe this would have happened.


How do you compare Francis’ performance vs Begley’s in the VFL?
What have you thought about Ridley’s last few games compared to Francis?


If we promised that, we must have lost all selection integrity. I just cannot see how we could have done that. I believe they just want to have 2 big body mids in the side. Langford is not as good as Myers (yet) and Hepp is definitely best 22.


and I can’t see how a player would accept that and for their teammates to accept it