Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


Surely not

He’s just unfortunately been the only one we’ve had on our list really post Jobe to do/attempt to do the heavy lifting

Hep is continually banged up and can’t cope with it all the time. Langford is too timid for predominantly inside role and Parish too short/small.

Obviously Myers kicking far superior to Clarke which is also why picked. Probably gets it done at training well but it’s not happening on game day given low possessions & he is a liability defensively.

Not one other team would put up with his level of output from a main midfielder, not even a tagger.


So since it looks like Dev will be out, most likely for a while by the sounds of it. I imagine Ham will be given another crack. Nothing was said of Hartley in the injury update so it looks like hes good to go.

Ins: Dlarke, Hartley, Bags, Daniher, Begley
Outs: Myers, Raz, Clarke, Dev, Zlarke

Hartley back, Hooker forward, in 2017 Daniher and Hooker kicked upwards of 100 goals between the 2 so if they can find their rythm again we should be able to kick a winning score.




Surprised they didn’t mention Hurley at least on the BTV injury report. He looked in a lot of pain during the game. Surely at least scans have been done


are they going to have enough friggin players to actually play this weekend ?

Surely they can’t keep playing Dev, he’s too important to ■■■■ around with this year, get him right for next year.

mozzy and begley almost surely have to come in now, with no raz or dev.


Laverde back in full training, what did he miss 2 weeks?

Any chance to come straight into ones?


Doubt it. Missed a fair chunk of preseason IIRC so has had only limited preparation. VFL most likely.


With his injury history no chance, and not like he was an established best 22 player either

Until he can run out a series of VFL games doing the volume of running/sprinting might see at AFL he will be a while off IMO




Clone Hirdy is stirring the pot.
He’s a lot smarter than to think that as a serious question.


I’d take that. Maybe considering the choice of Bags/Begs/Laverde


I badly want him to play. But he needs to redeem himself big time and be a lot more physical in contests. So I’m not sure he deserves a spot atm.


Yeah, I agree he has not shown a lot in the last two games. But remember that last game, he was played up forward with relatively little preparedness. In effect, he was a stop-gap. Francis reads the play very well from behind the ball - but does not have forward craft ingrained in him at this stage, I don’t think. I’d play him back for as long a run as possible.


Either play him back or don’t play him at all. I’m ok with giving an out of form youngster continuity, but definitely not if it’s out of position.


Sounds like Dev is out too. Missing a lot of pressure with him and Raz out. For this reason Ham probably stays in.

Bags will come in, as will Joey. Third not so clear cut. Perhaps Begley will be given a run?

In: Baguley, Daniher, Begley
Out: Raz, Clarke, Smith


wth are you clowns on?

myers is gonna be backed in by the coaches.

hes gonna bang out 25 disposals (20 kicks).

he’s gonna get 5 tackles.

and you’re gonna like it.


The guarantee he gets some horrific injury?


the bolded is the only honest bit haha :slight_smile:


*had 1 tackle

Time is up Myersy :alarm_clock:


Mynott has a calf injury.
Will miss another week.

Good news Daniher, Laverde and Baguley back this week.

And mckernan (in full training) Brown and GleesoN back next week provided Gleeson and brown get all clear from docs