Team versus Sts - R21 of 2018


Not really settled when we had two late changes. Makes no sense to keep him out. He has earnt his spot.


I’m actually pretty disappointed we didn’t Rest/Manage the 3 of…
Belly, Heppell & Goddard.

They all look like they could use a break, and the last 2 rounds are a real test.
Would’ve liked them fresh for those games.


Team with DEA = give up 60 points

Team without DEA = give up 100+ points


What I found interesting was the willingness to drop the f bomb in the first sentence, but hesitant to actually use the term ■■■■■■■■■.

Very inconsistent use of profanity.


Thanks Klawdy and WHWS. I’ll give Tropical Murphy’s a try and then head around to Bophut to celebrate the win.


Should win this by 10 goals.
St kilda clearly tanking


If the boys are still holding out some hope then this should be a game where they have to be trying for a massive percentage boosting win.

They can do it if they combine the on field domination of a couple of weeks ago with the goal kicking accuracy of last week.

Next week will be our grand final.

The Port game is probably a nothing game and I’d give a few of the kids a taste.


Big bag of little dicks, or little bag of big dicks?


They say it happens, eventually.
There are products you can use, I understand.


Who the fck does Dea have to be to be an auto in?


You loved it, Stu. Admit it. :grin:



For him, he can have his pick


fking Colyer


In my experience, a Dea can never consider oneself an auto-in. Very offensive.


North Geelong Syd and Port

All chances of losing this weekend

Would focus just about North just yet


McNiece was v good last week.

He played with confidence and took the game on. His best game for us so far


This game is a worry game in some aspects.

Not on paper but between the ears.

Are they going to come out firing our boys or after last week’s finals hopes loss be essington


Yeah I just found it really difficult to go with an erec…nevermind.


The team as announced also shows we’ve improved in the area of consistent positional trolling.
This weeks highlights include;
Zaharakis in the back pocket,
BJ at centre half back,
And the intriguing prospect of Brown vs Brown.

Been a minor joy all year.


Changes versus last meeting against saints (stkilda 57 lost to Essendon 118
Ess In: Smith, Stringer, Francis, Brown, McNeice, Saad, Langford
Out: Bird, Daniher, Hartley, Stewart, Gleeson, Kelly, Green

Saints In: Marshall, Pierce, Rice, Paton, Freeman, Webster Armitage
Out: Battle, Hickey, Bruce Montagna, Reiwoldt, Gilbert, Savage,

I would say we have stronger lineup, and they have a weakened lineup.