Team versus Sts - R21 of 2018


Really? I don’t. It will give Saints supporters a reason to feel good about themselves.


Maybe it’s because half the league are addicted to some form of drug and they scared?


Funnily enough, you are correct, I have never been disloyal or disrespectful in those ways EVER. I take my loyalties seriously. That includes all the team sports I have played, and continue to play at age sixty-five playing bowls. Which is a bit of a feat because there are plenty of unsavoury characters in that game. As to Mother Teresa, that woman’s private part should have been kicked out of India the day she arrived. She was the direct cause of much misery. A misguided fool.


Not very obvious. Cannot see body language here. If you are unable to articulate your intention, use those emoticon things designed for people with learning difficulties.


If we win it won’t be by a big margin.

A lack of a decent strong tall target up forward is hurting us too much.

Perhaps we can run with Hooksy forward tonight… But really we are short a tall or two IMO.

Daniher and Mckernan out leaves a massive structural problem.


Q1 Dont bomb long. The forwards have to be told to lead, the mids lower eyes and honour the leads. Q2 After the coaches tell St Kilda players what we are doing , kick long to Brown, and get Belly to drift forward a few times to really confuse them. Q3 get McKenna, Saad to run to 50 and kick over the StKilda heads.
Q4 Put them to the sword. Sing the song and wait for other results to come in over the weekend.


Eat a bag? You would not say that to my face Peenus Breath.


Going to the Medallion Club for the first time tonight.
Any tips ? Like
Take a pair of knuckle dusters and a first aid kit ?
Get there early before others can eat all the crayfish and oysters ?
Prepare to be disappointed. ?


Dont bother, go back to the grog squad.


Check with @Reboot, Blitz’s resident hobnob.


Blitz pls


Maybe put one at the end of a sentence saying folks should “drop dead” as well then?


seems that the crazy has reached its peak as this season draws to an agonising close.


Take it with a grain of salt but McGrath selected on a half forward flank. I would like to see the experiment of McGrath forward.

Got a feeling we may see some late changes, our ruckman and maybe one our mids for Clarke or Laverde.


Lol. I was being nice by letting you pick the type of bag you would like to eat.

Some people are just so picky


This would make a lot of sense. I suspect the StKilda ruckman will be VFL level. Ideal chance to give TBell a break ready for the last 2 games.


I’ll just go all out and say an 87 point win!


We have eased out to $1.20 with StKilda at $4.80, all the tipsters in the Sun picked us.

If its not a perfect storm for Essington to appear tonight, we probably will not see Essington again until the Carlton game 2019.


loves to kick a snap goal, does mcgrath.


You’re not living unless you’re 65 and going OFFF


Ess v Saints R8 2009 on Fox Footy now